Pokemon Unite is a fun game to play with your friends.

Credits to Pokemon.com. Pokemon Unite is a fun game to play with your friends.

How to Win a Pokemon Unite Match Easily?

Strategy Aug 30, 2022

In this blog, we will be going through four easy steps with which you can easily win a Pokemon Unite match!

Being a beginner in Pokemon Unite is not that easy, and you might even feel overwhelming at times. Hence, here is a small guide that will help you to go through and understand what exactly goes on in the match, which will help you to play much better or at least help your team better. In this blog, we will be going through what the whole team actually aims to do throughout one whole match of the tournament. Therefore, we hope that after you go through this guide, you will not feel as lost as you have been before.

A Guide on a Pokemon Unite Match

Each match lasts for about 10 minutes, and we will be going through what to do in these 10 minutes so that you do not have to disturb your teammates during intense fights. Here is the Step-by-step guide on a match in Pokemon Unite:

1st Minute Mark (10:00-9:00)

Defeating the Wild Pokemon is the first choice.
Credits to The Nerd Stash. Defeating the Wild Pokemon is the first choice.

The very first minute has to be dedicated to clearing out the wild Pokemon. This will help your teammates to gain XPs, and you will also have to help them in clearing out the lanes of these Wild Pokemon so you Also at the very first minute you will have to get along with your partner teammate if people have to go to the Jungle Lane, then you can also join them. Hence, this is the time when you have to try to find all the wild Pokemon and try to clear them out.

2nd Minute Mark (9:00-8:00)

Credits to Pro Well Technology. Try to defeat the Combees as they will give quite a good amount of XPs.

In the second mark, there is nothing much different that you can go for. You can just try to keep on fighting off the Wild Pokemon and try to get to as many XPs as possible and try to even level up. The more XP you have, the better advantage you will have over your enemies. Hence, just because you feel that the first batch of Wild Pokemon has been cleared, does not mean you are done. They will keep on coming till the end of the game. Also, this is the time when you will find Vespiquen and Combees appearing in the area. These Pokemon are known for giving you more XPs, and hence make sure to defeat them first.

3rd Minute Mark (7:00-2:00)

Credits to ONE Esports. Rotom once defeated, gets added to your team.

This is considered to be the second last lapse of the match, where the need for gaining XPs and levelling up intensifies. This is also the time when you are usually worried about what is going to happen next, for some of the teammates either perish or fall low in HP. Therefore, it is time for the Defenders and the Supporters to come into the foreground. Another interesting thing that occurs right at 7:00 is that you will find Rotom and Drednaw.

This video might interest you:

It is quite essential to defeat Drednaw as you will be getting shields and XP from it. This will be required for after so much time of fighting, you might want to get prepared to face your enemies this time. In these last moments, the special Pokemon usually come up with more benefits, and well, in the end, they are the ones who are going to save you. Like, Rotom. If you can defeat Rotom, then very soon you will find it playing alongside you, and it will give your team an added advantage.

Credits to dotik. Ludicolo is another Wild Pokemon that you have to get.

You will also find Ludicolo and Bouffalant. As this is the second to last phase, it is time for you to go over the enemy’s territory, and get the wild pokemon characters. Ludicolo will help you to get more XPs, and even easily defeat and help you to find more Wild Pokemon than the usual rate. Bouffalant will give you the advantage of defeating your enemies easily, as they will allow you to slow down enemies if you are attacked by them.

Last Minute Mark (2:00-0:00)

This is the last phase and is the time when everyone will try to get as many points, and XPs as possible to level up. This is the time when you will be facing your enemies, and need to defend your goals against them. If the enemies manage to go through any of your goals, then they will get their scores. Hence, this is also the part where you need to play with strategy. You will need the defenders and the supporters to stay at your own goal, whereas the attacker and the speedster might try to go through the enemies’ goal. Make sure to come up with a plan so that you can get your own points and the enemies do not get any.

Credits to Shakcnews. Make sure to defeat your goals from your enemies.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have a score or points advantage, you do not need to go for defeating Zapdos. This wild Pokemon character does not have that much use except to give you an immense score point boost, but in return, you will have a lot of your HP taken away. This might not allow you to go ahead and score the points through the goal. Hence, if you see that you have a low score, and want to bring it up close enough to the opponent's, then come up with a plan to efficiently defeat Zapdos and get a good number of points.


This was a simple guide which you can follow in order to get through some of the beginner-level matches in the game. However, you have to remember that players usually come up with their own tactics and strategies to play the game better and to win the matches. Hence, the best way to go about any game is to communicate with your teammates, as Pokemon Unite is a game based heavily on teamwork.

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