Pokemon Unite is a popular, out-of-the box MOBA game.

Photo by Jay / Unsplash. Pokemon Unite is a popular, out-of-the box MOBA game.

How to Upgrade Items in Pokemon Unite?

Strategy Aug 30, 2022

In this blog, we will get into all the ways through which you can upgrade your Held Items quickly and easily!

There are certain things in Pokemon Unite that might feel confusing to you as you start out. However, there is always a first time for everything, and there is nothing to feel ashamed of. We have a guide for you to know all about Items and how you are going to upgrade them in Pokemon Unite. Though you can easily get to know about Items when you go through the game a bit, it is always better to follow a guide as that will help you get deeper into the things, and also you might get to know a few facts that you have never heard of!

What are Items in Pokemon Unite?

Now, what you might be wondering about first is exactly what items are in Pokemon Unite. To put things more simply, items are basically things that your Pokemon can carry when they are fighting, either with their enemies or while you are trying to defeat the wild Pokemon. There are two types of items in Pokemon Unte: Held items and Battle Items. As the name suggests, Held Items are those that you can own and use in battle, and well, the Battle Items are something that you get to own when you keep playing ranked matches in Pokemon Unite. You are allowed to have three held items for your Pokemon when you reach a higher Trainer Level, On the other hand, you will get to carry only one Battle Item no matter how high your trainer level is.

How to Upgrade Items In Pokemon Unite?

Without wasting much time, let us get into how you can easily upgrade your Held Items in Pokemon Unite:

Trainer Level

Credits to BR Atsit. Make sure to reach Trainer Level 9 before upgrading your item.

As mentioned briefly before, when you start out in the game, you will be given only one item for your Held Item. However, once you reach Trainer Level 7 and more, the slot will keep on increasing. The maximum number of Held Items is three. However, there is another thing to keep in mind. You will not be able to upgrade your items if you have not yet reached Trainer Level 9. Therefore, make sure to rank your Trainer Level high, before you think about upgrading your held items!

Item Enchancers

Credits to Shacknews. Item Enhancers.

This one of the most common ways through which Held Items are usually upgraded. There are various ways through which you can get item enhancers! One of the most prominent ways is to buy them through the Aeos tickets that you get while playing the game, or sometimes you can get certain item enhancers through in-game events and challenges too. Hence, make sure to keep your eye out for those events as they will help you to get a small number of item enchancers.

Super Item Enchaners

Credits to GameWith. Super Item Enhancer.

These are stronger Item Enchaners that will enable you to upgrade your items to not just one level but to multiple levels. There are some rare Super Item Enchaners that can also upgrade your item to the highest level of 30! Therefore, if you are using the Super Item Enhancer then make sure you use it on an item that is your regular. This will help you fight better in your battles.

This video might interest you:

Ways to Upgrade Items in Pokemon Unite?

If you are confused as to where you can exactly upgrade your items in Pokemon Unite, then we are here to help you out:

Step 1

Credits to Game8. Main menu of the game.

Go to the Trainer Menu. You will find it in the Main Menu itself, where a mini picture of your avatar will be shown.

Step 2

Credits to Game8. Trainer Menu.

In the Trainer Menu, you will find a tab named “Held Items”. You will find all the Held Items that you own here.

Step 3

Credits to Games8. Upgrade the Held Items. 

Now you can select the item that you want to upgrade, and if you have enough Item Enchaners, you will get the option to upgrade the item. Once selected, your item will be automatically be upgraded!

Can I upgrade my battle items?

Unfortunately, for now, there are no features for upgrading the Battle Items, hence you need not worry about your battle items for now. Maybe in the future, when Pokemon Unite brings on more battle items, we might have the upgrade feature then.


This was a small guide on how you can upgrade your items in Pokemon Unite. You have to grind hard to get your Aeos Tickets, or you can buy them, but you need to have your Item Enchancers for upgrading the Held Items. Also, make sure that you do not waste them on items that you rarely use. It is always best to prioritise your most used items over the others.

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