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How to Start a Successful YouTube Gaming Channel?

Community Apr 5, 2022

One of the ways you can easily build your gaming career is by opening a Youtube Gaming Channel. Well, that is not an easy task to just think about. There are a lot of people who want to be professional gamers and are on Youtube. Also, it is quite difficult to establish oneself on Youtube. You have to follow certain steps to reach the top. Even then, there is no guarantee that you will get that recognition in the end. Hence, once you open your Youtube Gaming Channel, you can only expect that, with your hard work, consistency, and creativity, you will be able to reach a certain point of fame.

8 Steps to Get Started on Your YT Gaming Channel

Here are some of the steps that you could follow to see successful growth in your YouTube channel:

Find a Niche

Well, just gaming is not a niche that you can go for. You might love playing multiple games. However, when you are starting, make sure that you choose a particular game to start with. Now, this too should not be just a random decision. For example, if you love playing Minecraft, but it is not in style right now. So if you do go with Minecraft, your channel might not see that much growth there. However, if Valorant is in a trend, then you might have a higher chance of growing your channel there.

Credits to Unsplash. Try to find a single game to start with.

Another thing to consider is what if you aren't very good at the trending game? Well, you can make a channel for that too! People like relatable content. Hence, if you want, you could make a channel where you are learning how to play a game. Record videos of your funny mistakes and failures. This would make the viewers laugh and even feel relatable to some extent.

Setting Up

This is another important thing that you have to keep in mind. For recording videos, you will need some good equipment. However, we do know that investing in high-quality types of equipment might not be a feasible option when you are just starting. Therefore, we would recommend that you either go for products in your budget, that are good quality or not. Or, you can go for branded types of equipment sold second-hand. Usually, they are pretty much in good shape. You might have to repair them a bit, but at least they will be good to go for some days. Here is a list of what you might need:

  • Camera: This is the first thing that you have to get. You can get a DSLR or even a mirrorless camera to shoot yourself while playing the game. You can also use your phone to record yourself if it has a good quality camera. However, if you do not want to reveal your face just yet, then you can set yourself up as a Vtuber. We would strongly recommend that you either record yourself, in real form or as a Vtuber, so that your audience can form an image of you in their minds. This makes you memorable, and they will come back wanting more.
Credits to RTINGS. You can go for a variety of cameras for your recordings.
  • Microphone: Another important piece of equipment that you should have is a microphone. Having a good quality microphone would help you give voice-overs to your videos. Also, if you are playing a game where you need to record your interactions with other players in-game, you can use the same microphone to record everything. Using a low-quality mic might not sound pleasing to your audience, so make sure to get one that enhances your voice.
  • Screen-Recording and Video Editing Software: This is one of the most important points that you should sort out first. You will have to find screen recording software that helps you record the game seamlessly without any hindrance. You can use the Xbox one that comes by default. You will also have to find good editing software that will help you easily edit your videos. You can either invest in Adobe Premiere Pro or try to find video editing software that would help you edit videos without having a watermark on them.

Categorize Your Video

Say you are now ready with everything in hand. You have chosen your game, and have already got all the equipment necessary. The next step would be to come up with which type of gaming video you want to do. There are various types of gaming videos.

For example, there are:

  • Let's Play: These types of videos usually guide ‘how to play a certain game’. Well, honestly, they are not always a good option until you can improvise in this category. The most common example would be that in Minecraft. There are tons of Minecraft Let's Play videos. However, they come in handy when you are going for something complex. However, the chances are that only a few videos will get a lot of views.
Credits to Know Your Meme. Let's Play is perhaps the most popular of all categories.
  • Setting or Breaking Records: This is quite a fun and interactive type of video. Though it would be better if you live-streamed, it would be an interesting title for your video. If you are exceptionally good at a game, then you can try to break a record in that game. You could try to complete the game within a certain time. You can also finish a quest differently in the game. There are endless possibilities to make videos in this category. Even if you fail badly, you can still upload the video.
  • Others: There are other various types of gaming videos that you can make. Like Reviews, where you can review a game, and talk about it. This would demonstrate your knowledge of the gaming world, and you could also post gameplay snippets. Also, you can be a live streamer. YouTube is promoting live streamers a lot right now, and if you even stream once a week or so, you will get a lot more recognition.

Join a Community

This would be a great help in promoting your videos once you start posting. Also, you will get more ideas if you are active in a community. The best way is to join a community server in Discord that is related to the game you will be posting about. Other than that, there are various community groups on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This would increase your reach and assist you in improving your videos. You can also collaborate with other people in the community to grow your channel.

Credits to Google Sites. Choosing your community will help you grow.

Make Catchy Thumbnails and Titles

You have to make sure that you attract as many viewers as possible. Hence, make sure that you make thumbnails that will catch the viewer’s attention, and also stay quite true to the content of your video. You cannot just make a clickbait title or thumbnail, as at the end of the video you might end up losing your subscribers. Your aim should be to gain more subscribers, not viewers. If you make clickbait thumbnails and titles, it will backlash badly later on.

Credits to Indiater. Make sure the thumbnail is also unique and reflects your personality.

Use YouTube Shorts

YouTube has recently been promoting Shorts and Livestrems a lot, as they are trying to better themselves in this aspect too. You can even post a few short clips of your gameplay that you feel could be used as a highlight. This would give you a better reach, and you would be more recognized everywhere. You could also post these shorts on Instagram Reels, which in turn would give you more reach and recognition throughout.

Credits to Variety. Youtube Shorts brings in a lot of viewers in the channel.

Plan your Videos

This is another important point to keep in mind. You have to plan your videos quite in advance. This means that even before you start your channel officially, you will have to plan out all the videos in advance. This would help you to keep track of your workload and would free up your time to work on other things.

Credits to Variety. Make sure to have a planning session every week. 

You can also study the trends, and make sure that your videos follow that trend. This would help you to get more viewers to your videos and channel.

Be Consistent

You have to keep it in mind to be consistent. No matter what happens, you need to be consistent about uploading your content. You can either post your videos two days a week, or even one day. No matter what, make sure to stick through that. You can also post your videos for some time, and find them through the algorithm that determines when to post them. Many creators make the mistake of posting their videos daily, and cannot keep up with their consistency level.

Credits to China Briefing. Being consistent would help you to get a better reach and genuine audience.


We hope that you find the tips useful. Make sure to keep your audience entertained and be consistent about the whole process. Be a bit patient and you will see the growth.

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