Some of the best tips to rank up fast in COD Mobile. Photo via Activision.

Some of the best tips to rank up fast in COD Mobile. Photo via Activision. 

How to rank up in COD Mobile?

Strategy Feb 17, 2023

Some of the best tips to rank up fast in COD Mobile.

Ranking up is a difficult task in COD Mobile, how to accomplish them, how to go up a tier and there is a reset after each season, every one of the prizes related to the occasional Position rewards, and, if conceivable.

Battle Royale type on the mobile platform is overwhelmed by the two leaders that stand apart from the remainder: PUBG Portable and Extraordinary mission at hand: Portable With regards to being well known and generally discussed. The game was distributed back in 2019 and has turned into areas of strength for its opponent's fight royale title, PUBGM. Despite the fact that they are from a similar class, both of these games are different in their manner, beginning from the designs, controls, works, and, surprisingly, the mechanics they utilize and the stockpile of firearms and extras that you can utilize and gather.

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Tier System Explained:

In this part, we go over significant data with respect to Ranking System and afterwards incorporated a few hints to expand the rate at which you gain these Positions.

Tiers in Ranked:

Rank Levels or Rank's Grouping is a capability that is normal to all of the Multiplayer games, significantly other fight royale titles now. The vital mission at hand: Versatile has various position levels, likewise, every one of these Levels is additionally separated into three regions. The divisions are not in Unbelievable Level, which works totally on a focused framework. The higher your position is, the more open doors you get to go along with one of the most mind-blowing COD portable players around the world.

Legendary Tier – 6501+ points
Master Tier – 4501 to 6501 points
Pro Tier – 3001 to 4500 points
Elite Tier – 2001 to 3000 points
Veteran Tier – 1001 to 2000 points
Rookie Tier – 1 to 1000 points

Whenever you first begin playing the MP mode and start your positioning process, you are set in the Freshman I rank. The hole in the focus between every region is little, which is useful in light of the fact that you can ceaselessly crush the matches to get yourself rapidly to the Tiptop Level.

COD mobile rank demonstrates how proficient you are in playing positioned matches, and on the off chance that you need to get positioned ever more elevated, you should play positioned games just; multiplayer matches would just give you fight focuses.

We have listed some tips to assist you with getting to Highers ranks MP group modes. By following these tips, we accept that you can advance quickly and be surer about your game.

MP mode

You can rank up by just playing multiplayer mode. Playing different modes, similar to Fight Royale mode and Zombie Mode, won't expand your position focuses. The expansion in the pace of rank-ups depends half on your kills, 30% on kills, and 20% on your endurance time. Ascertaining these three realities will bring about the last increment pace of your position focuses.


Assuming your exhibition is great, you will build your position focuses, yet you will ultimately see your focus diminishing on the off chance that your presentation is horrendous.

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Preparing hard on the grouped games will be fundamental! The main thing is to rapidly expand your Position to change your playing strategies consistently in the positioned games. Switch between game modes and continue rehearsing and battling! For instance, you will get rank focuses for killing adversaries in every one of the modes. Be that as it may, you'll get quicker focuses in the event that you do every one of the errands and missions like; kill a few foes with an attack rifle, then kill a foe with an explosive, change to expert marksman mode, and so forth.

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One more recommendation is to differentiate the game modes into MP mode. Train on all fronts, and you'll advance quicker in CoD Mobile! So shift back and forth between Control mode, Group Deathmatch mode, or even with or HardPoint mode.


The more impressive weapons you have, the quicker weapons will rank you! So remember to select your armory cautiously and go through the weapon customization with GunSmith.

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