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How to rank up fast & easily in BGMI

Strategy Jun 7, 2022

BGMI Rank push is not simple, much like any other multiplayer arcade gameplay. Players must progress through numerous tiers in order to reach the peak of the game. Conqueror is the final rank in BGMI, also known as Battlegrounds Mobile India, just like the Legendary mode in CoD Mobile. Players must accept that the road to the conqueror stage is highly challenging and competitive in nature. One needs to keep the mentality rigid in order to reach there and become a Pro BGMI player.

Firstly, let's take a short view of the tiers you'll need to cross before we get into the tips for enhancing your BGMI Rank to reach the Conqueror stage easily. This offers you a thorough comprehension as well as a road map.

A quick breakdown of all Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) tiers is as follows:

- Bronze

- Silver

- Gold

- Platinum

- Diamond

- Crown

- Ace

- Ace Master

- Ace Dominator

- Conqueror

Understandable that with the given number of stages to reach conqueror and the rise in difficulty level due to a mass involvement of gamers all over India, one needs to be precise and smart in approaching their gameplay.

So here are the 5 most essential tips one should follow to make your road conqueror much easier than it seems!

Stick to your drop location

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The first step in quickly rising through the ranks in versions of BGMI is to carefully select a suitable drop spot. Then land there until you've explored every inch of the area. To determine the optimum drop site, players must first decide on how they wish to approach the game, aggressively or passively.

Since the practice of camping reduces your in-game skills, intending to have incremental changes in your rank does not imply that you must camp. Till the time you don't achieve your desired ratings, stay focused on your original drop location.

Adopt the practice of Rushing

Rushing is the second-best way to improve your BGMI rank. In order to raise your rankings on a regular basis, one must first have a good set of armour and weaponry. Continue looting until you have a level 3 vest and helmet. Then, before pressing or engaging in any conflict, devise clear and effective methods.

Meanwhile, you should stay away from open fights if you want to advance in rank securely, else you'll risk being surrounded or outsmarted by a third party who is attracted to the gun sound.

Ranking points

Every game needs a high plus point total. You'll require optimal skill sets to keep a solid F/D ratio and go up the rankings. To achieve easy kills, try to play as the third party. Also, try finishing knocked enemies or targets with low health.  Enhance your talents by playing on Livik. Herein, the players earn more points from kills due to it being such a short map.

Being selective on maps

Another clever technique to improve rank is to select the ideal map. The map Miramar, which measures 8x8, is the largest of all the BGMI maps. Snipers love this map, but the slow tempo means matches take longer to complete. When you can make it to the end of the map with a solid number of kills, you'll get a lot of points.

Miramar is the finest map for snipers and defensive gamers. To achieve an addition of extra rank points, you must get at least 3 - 4 plus kills. If you want to gain the least amount of minus points, try playing on smaller maps like Karakin and Livik. Erangel and Sanhok are probably the two best-balanced maps in BGMI in terms of survival and killing points, however, if you die quickly, you'll get a lot of minus points. Vikendi 2.0 will return to the game with the next version 1.6.

However, the map for the fastest gameplay undoubtedly is Sanhok.

Survival mode

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The most critical factor in advancing in the BGMI is survival. Try to stay alive as long as possible by avoiding unnecessary fights outside of the playing zone. After clearing the first two zones, you should be fine. Post this, almost half of your opponents will be finished.

When more than 50 people have been killed, you can begin pushing and hunting for kills. Endurance and evilness are two essential qualities for advancing to higher stages like Ace and Conqueror.


This blog laid down some essential tips to reach your desired rankings as fast as possible. We at Tournafest understand that being consistent with your daily drills and the desire to reach the highest and attain chicken dinner in every game is crucially important for growth.

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