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How to rank up fast and easily in Valorant?

Strategy Jun 11, 2022

While Valorant and Counter-Strike share many similarities, they also include characters and skills from Overwatch and other hero shooter games, providing a distinct gameplay experience. It can be tough for players who are unfamiliar with Valorant's gameplay, so we've compiled a list of key points to help them thrive in the game.

Practice skills and weapons in training

Players can polish their competencies in Valorant’s exercise mode. Even though it’s tempting to jump directly into the action, gamers must first warp up by means of capturing bots on the firing range. Besides, it would be fantastic if gamers strive to spray weapons on targets. Parkour instructions are even accessible to practice.

Keep calm while shooting

One of the most common blunders players make in the game is attempting to shoot while running. When players can still hit stray bullets while standing stationary, they are more likely to catch the rare killing. When starting a fire, it's also a good idea to crouch.

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Valorant crosshairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Pro players can be seen using a little dot or some unusual crosshairs. When players begin to use both features, it's critical to understand how shot mistakes and motion options affect the outcome.

Communicate with the squad to back them

There will be a specific callout for that place no matter where players are on the map. If players are unsure whether the map is safe to open, they should do so. Some locations on the map have been named after prominent players, such as "U-Hall" and "hookah" on the Bind map, however, most of them are described using in-game calls.

A mute teammate is useless to the squad, especially during rated play. When you start each round by chatting with your colleagues, you'll have a far better chance of winning. Players can disable or report a nasty teammate by hitting ESC.

Complete your daily and weekly missions

When it comes to leveling up your battle pass, daily and weekly objectives should be your main focus. Every day, two new missions will appear in your record, each providing 2,000 XP. These tasks are usually simple to complete and should take no more than 30 or 40 minutes. You can finish them by waiting in line for unrated or competitive matches, although Spike Rush is usually the quickest option. The games are brief and only last a few minutes.

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Spike Rush isn't always an option, depending on the task. You may be required to buy weapons or shields, or kill an enemy with their weapon—missions that may only be done in Replication, unrated, or competitive mode. If you're serious about leveling up your battle pass, though, you should never skip these missions.

Every week, three weekly assignments with a total reward of 21,280 XP are available. These missions should be completed as quickly as possible. If you skip a week, you can make up for it the following week. When you finish the weekly missions, three new ones will appear in their place. This means you can save your weekly missions until the last week and do them one by one if necessary.

Run Deathmatch and Spike Rush

If you're stuck for anything to do after finishing your daily and weekly objectives, try Deathmatch or Spike Rush. Running unrated or competitive matches is fine, but Deathmatch and Spike Rush will offer you the most XP for your cash.

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You will receive 100 XP for playing and 200 XP for winning each round of unrated or competitive play. This means that if you beat the enemy 13-0, you'll only get 2,600 XP. A game of Deathmatch will reward you with 900 XP, while Spike Rush will reward you with 1,000 XP. These games usually last four to five minutes.

However, if you must pick between Deathmatch and Spike Rush, Spike Rush is the superior choice. Deathmatch has a little shorter duration than Spike Rush, however, it does not allow you to accomplish tasks. If missions aren't a concern, go ahead and frag in Deathmatch.

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