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How to Quickly Gain XP in Minecraft?

Strategy Jun 7, 2022

If you are just getting started with Minecraft, then it might take some time for you to understand the mechanics of the game. Hence, in today’s blog, we will be getting into the details of quickly increasing your Minecraft XPs. The XPS are quite important when going on higher adventures, as you can acquire certain magic spells and weapons only when you have the required XPs level. If you know these methods of quickly regaining your XPs then it would help you to continue with your adventure soon after you respawn. You never know which of these methods might come in handy.

Different ways to increase XPs in Minecraft

Now, without further ado, let us look at the various methods for increasing our XP in Minecraft.


Credits to PCGamesN. Mining is one way to get XPs.

This is quite obvious. In Minecraft, if you go for mining, then, of course, you will get some XPs. However, one of the best hacks to use during mining is to go for Coal. Usually, when you go to mine coal, you will find some green particles along with the coal. These green particles are usually the XPs, and the more you mine coal, the more XPs you will get. This is perfect if you are just starting, as you will need coal to make torches and also cook your food. You will also need coal to turn raw iron into iron slabs.

Make a Bamboo and Cacti Smelter

Credits to Imgur. Bamboo and Cacti Smelter.

This is the XP Bank that players refer to. This is a Cacti dye where you will get multiple dyes which you can use later on to colour various things and use in your mansion. However, this whole mechanism is used mostly for gaining XPs. What happens inside this smelter is that you will be feeding on bamboo as the fuel in the furnace, and in return, you can extract dye from your cacti. This in turn will ensure that you get XPs. This means that when you go ahead to collect the dye, you will also get tons of XPs.

Monster Hunting at Night

Credits to Mining Cubes. You can go for monster hunting at night.

This is another way that you can get a good number of XPs. However, you will have to be quite well prepared for it. Basically, at night, you are supposed to go to sleep so that you can avoid getting killed by zombies, skeletons, or spiders. However, if you do not want to play it safe and want to get some good XPs while your friends are not in the game, then you can go ahead and start monster hunting at night. However, you will need to deck out your weapons and shield as you will find tons of monsters out at night. You will be getting the maximum XPs if you kill the zombies, and the minimum if you kill the spiders.

Finding Spawners

Credits to Reddit. One of the mob spawners.

This is another method through which you can gain as many as 48 XPs at a go! However, this is quite difficult to achieve if you are not a pro at Minecraft. If you love to go on adventures and want to explore, then you will love to gain your XPs through this method. If you get into caves and even underwater, you will find plenty of hidden temples and spawners. However, the closer you get to these spots, the more monsters you will face. Of course, if you can kill them, you will be getting tons of XPs. Additionally, if you get to the spawners and manage to destroy them, you will get a lot of XPs. However, there are difficulty levels too. The spider spawners are difficult to destroy, yet you might not get as many XPs as you will get for destroying a zombie spawner.

Breed Animals

Credits to WePC. You can breed pigs too!

Another great and safe way to gain XPs is to breed animals. Now, this might not be an exciting way to gain XPs, as all you have to do is just take the animals, put them on a farm, feed them, and you will keep getting XPs once they breed. However, if you do not feel like always feeding all the animals individually and then killing them later, You can make a breeding farm machine. This will help you feed them together, and automatically they will breed and also get killed. This would give you instant XPs and also instant food.

AFK Fishing

Credits to DiamondLobby. Fish farm.

Again, not an adventurous way of gaining XPs but then again, it is quite an interesting way to go about it. Killing fish also gives you XP. However, that is not the only way through which you can get these XPs. You never know what you might get when you are fishing. It could be an enchanted book, some magic spell, or even a useless item. Hence, it is always fun to go fishing as you never know what you might pick up. The best way to get some good items is to go for AFK fishing, which is putting your fishing rod in the water and doing nothing. Just sit there for as long as you can and keep picking up items.

Smash the Bottle O’ Enchanting

Credits to Youtube. Bottle O' Enchanting. 

This is something that you have to be desperate to do. Bottle O’ Enchanting is always not that easy to get, and if you do get hold of one, you will hardly get more than 11 XPs for smashing a bottle. You will find the bottle only in buried chests and temples, or if you can trade with a villager. However, you will be getting only one bottle at a time, so you will have to be that desperate to smash the bottle and get the XPs. The spell can be used for other purposes too. Hence, this should be something that you have to think through before using it.

Kill the Ender Dragon

Credits to Polygon. Ender Dragon.

Though this is the final level in the game, once you manage to kill the Ender Dragon by going through the End Portal, then you will be rewarded with 12,000 XPs. However, once you do kill the Dragon, the credits will roll on your game, which indicates you have completed the game. So now you are free to roam around your world with all the XPs. Hence, basically at the last stage, it would not matter anymore once you defeat the bad guy in Minecraft.


These are some of the ways through which you can increase your XPs quickly in Minecraft. You will require these methods when you die accidentally in the game and respawn. Everyone wants to gain their XPs quickly, and of course, you do not want to have the lowest XP among your friends. Hence, you can use these methods to gain your XPs.

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