Garena's latest game, Free Fire Max is here. Photo via Garena

How To Play Garena Free Fire Max On PC

Community Oct 25, 2022

You can play Garena Free Fire Max on PC and here's how you can do it.

Garena Free Fire Max is here and it is available for Android and iOS mobile devices.  The game retains the same Battle Royale settings while introducing more realistic graphics and gameplay. The game is said to be a massive improvement from its previous iteration and has built upon the items that made its previous iterations a massive success. The game picks up right where it left off but improves in every facet. With Garena Free Fire Max, the developers look to break the hold BGMI has on the Indian esports scene and saturate it with their own Battle Royale Games.

The game has seen several changes across the board but nothing major that a player of the previous version will find unfamiliar. Even though the game was released for iOS and Android, players in an attempt to play it on PCs found a way. BGMI, otherwise known as PUBG was released initially released for PC. Free Fire does not have a PC counterpart so the best way to play the same on PC is to play it via BlueStacks.

The game will introduce new BR features. Photo via Garena 

Before you get all excited about it, make sure your computer satisfies the minimum requirements to install BlueStacks. It requires an operating system of Windows 7 or above paired with modern Intel or AMD CPU with at least 4GB of Ram and 5GB of storage. A reminder, these are all minimum requirements and may not be enough to run Free Fire Max smoothly with high settings.

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What is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks initially started as an App Player that helped bridge the gap between platforms like Windows and Android and lets users run Android applications on a desktop. It is freeware that can be downloaded by anyone on their Windows computers and install Apk files just like they would on their Android devices.

Often it is found that Windows computers are way more powerful than Android devices which lets them play a lot of games more smoothly with better quality. You can utilize most of your computer’s performance and play Android games with would otherwise be far from possible on some low to mid-range Android phones.

Free fire max will have a revamped home screen. Photo via Garena

Android phones usually have screens that are too small for comfort and touch controls aren’t always the best way to go. Having a keyboard for the same mobile game gives an added advantage. A keyboard and mouse are always more accurate than a touch-sensitive screen, playing the same game on a bigger screen is undoubtedly a better experience.

Blue also has the added advantage of customization. Every other control can be customized to your will, unlike mobiles where you can barely rearrange the controls.

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How To Play Garena Free Fire Max on PC?

Install Blue Stacks

Head over to the official BlueStacks Website and download the BlueStacks emulator. Once you are done downloading, install it in your preferred location and set it up. Inside settings allocate resources to BlueStacks.


Sign in to all the necessary places and make sure your software and firmware are all up to date. Play store should be set up and BlueStacks and make sure BlueStack is able to maintain a strong internet connection.

Install Garena Free Fire Max

In the search bar on the top right corner search for Garena Free Fire and download the official Garena Free Fire Max from there. Upon installing, open it up to see if everything is working as you expected.

and Setup

Sign in to Garena Free Fire Max with the relevant account to be able to port over all your saved data into it.  Once you log in check if you are able to access your data.  Quickly get used to the new controls and make the necessary adjustments. The mobile controls need to be associated properly with the mouse and keyboard. Desktop controls give you more freedom than Mobile would so be finding the setting that suits you the most.

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The Free Fire Max will show up on the BlueStacks home screen, thus making Garena Free Fire one click away. Once the whole setup is complete you can play the game on your PC using a mouse and keyboard and the emulator has the option to plug in and play with a controller.

BlueStacks has the added advantage of allowing users to play any game that is available on Android. Any game that is available on the PlayStore can be played on BlueStacks but it cannot be said for certain that every game will work as smoothly and effortlessly. Moreover, for content creators, BlueStacks has a recording feature that will completely record your gameplay with little to no performance hit at the highest of qualities which later can be used to make videos on the same.

Customizable display of Free Fire Max. Photo via Garena

Playing Garena Free Fire Max on BlueStacks and its pros with little to no cons but the players you will face will also be using Bluestacks to not be misled into thinking it will be easier to win with the added advantage of a keyboard and mouse.

You can download the Tournafest app from Google Play or App Store to play Esports Tournaments & Scrims games like BGMI, Free Fire MAX, Call of Duty, CS: GO, Valorant, Pokemon Unite & win exciting rewards!

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