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How to make money as an Esports organizer?

Community Jun 1, 2022

There has been quite a commotion going around about the roles, responsibilities and perks of being an organiser. People interested in the organising side of Esports often wonder about how to make money while organising and managing tournaments. In this blog, we will simplify the few steps you need to follow to earn good money as an organiser. Before moving on, let us understand what is exactly meant by an organiser.‌‌

Who is an organiser?‌‌

Going by the basic definition, an organiser is someone who is supposed to organise an event or anything. Hence, if you are an organiser in the Esports world, that means you are supposed to organise the whole tournament by yourself or along with your team. Usually, in the Esports world, an organiser is a club or group of people who come together to organise these tournaments for the benefit of the community. On a small scale, it could be a small gaming club that wants to help the local gamers get enough recognition or prepare them for the next stage of tournaments and leagues.‌‌

What does it take to be an Organiser?‌‌

Becoming an organiser is not as easy as it sounds. You have to make contacts in the Esports industry, get sponsors, bring players, and market your tournaments.

Online tournaments have become an active commodity during the COVID outbreak, but progressive esports entertainers never put aside an option to engage with their audiences through live events. Be it a month or a year, lockdowns and limitations will eventually come to their end, and organizers must be ready to take their local communities by storm with a fan experience gaming enthusiasts had missed so much.

Even now, not many events are conducted offline because of the restrictions in some places. But conducting an offline tournament takes a lot more effort than one could think. Searching for a venue for a proper audience to seat, marketing the tournament so that gamers participate and the audience attends the event, and most importantly - choosing the game you're to conduct a tournament of.

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How do the organisers make money?‌‌

It is the most important question when it comes to organising, how much you're willing to put at stake and what amount of profit you're looking for. Many tournaments are cash flow negative, meaning they generate less revenue from their services than they are spending and need money from investors and other services to fund them. Let us take a look at the things that organisers do to make money by conducting tournaments:‌‌

  • Sponsorships: Sponsorship is easily the largest revenue source for any tournament. To get sponsors, you need to identify a good match, contact them, learn what they are looking for, compose a package, make the pitch and close them.
  • Media Rights: Media rights are revenue that generates when television services or other online streaming platforms pay a tournament organizer to gain rights to broadcast the tournament on their platform.
  • Ticket Fees: Ticket fees provide revenue every time a tournament organizer sells a ticket. This includes tickets for the players to participate but also tickets for viewers who just want to watch or loiter. This cost highly depends on the size of your event, the size of your venue, and the equipment you have present
  • Advertisements: Advertisements, similar to sponsorships, are companies leveraging the eyeballs your tournament attracts to help their own brand. The main difference between sponsorship and advertisements is the active involvement with their brand during the event.
  • Merchandise: Merchandise is making your own custom material and items to be sold back to your community. These work out as community members usually are willing to support brands and represent them if they are actively a part of it and enjoy it.
  • Trademark Royalties: Trademark royalties are payments made to your organization and brand when other companies want to use your logo or other trademarked/copyrighted assets for their own endeavors.

These are some of the easiest ways that organisers can go with if they want to make good money while organising tournaments. It is important to note that the success of all the above-mentioned options highly depends upon the level and scale of your tournament.‌‌

How can you be an organizer at Tournafest?‌‌

We at Tournafest provide the Esports community with a platform to help their careers and solidify their dreams of getting into the gaming community. If you're an organiser, we have a place for you too. Now, anyone can register themselves on the Tournafest app and choose the organizer option to conduct tournaments on our app. It's as easy as it sounds. There are no pre-requirements to register yourself at Tournafest.

You can also build a portfolio for yourself as you conduct more and more tournaments on our app.

Another massive headache that we will take away from you is the prize pools and sponsors. Usually, we will offer prize pools and sponsors from our side. We also give you the option of adding extra money from your side, if you want. Hence, you can go for either of the options. This means that you will not have to run around and keep asking for sponsors anymore. You can just organise a tournament with a few clicks, and you will be all good to go.‌‌

How to build an audience on Tournafest?‌‌

Organizing a tournament is not just another task and we know that. However, all of this might have sounded quite tedious. It is not an easy process, and a little help is always the best way to go about things. Hence, you should definitely try Tournafest! With the least of investments, you will be getting a whole community of 2 lakh gamers, a platform where your tournaments will be broadcasted, and most of the work will be automated! What else can you ask for, if you get all the organizing job done by one platform?   ‌‌‌‌

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