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How To Land Fast In BGMI?

Community Jul 23, 2022

Landing fast in BGMI gives players a significant advantage in this battle royale game, especially in hot-drop locations.


  • Here are some points you must follow if you want to land fast in BGMI maps.
  • Choose the best drop location and land fast on the map.

Various talents are used in BGMI, such as multiple weapons being fired at once, regulating movement to decrease response time, and mastering the art of landing. Players may get an edge over their opponents by landing quicker and gaining access to weapons sooner. When BGMI Mobile first made its way into children's hands, they met it enthusiastically. Like PUBG, it has reached new heights of achievement. They are joining the exclusive club of 100+ million downloads only a few months after its inception. Landing quickly is critical in any battle royale game, including Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), since it allows you to amass the available treasure before your opponents do. In particular, if you're landing in a hot-drop area where almost every other player is racing to get. Only by landing quickly in BGMI will you be able to arrive first and get access to the ammo and equipment that are otherwise concealed.

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To avoid being entangled in a battle with an enemy, readers will gain knowledge from this laced with guns.

#1 Choosing Drop Location

Choosing the ideal landing spot in BGMI is the first step toward landing quickly. On the minimap, look for an area around 800 meters away from the flight route. Players may note the distance to a specific location on the game's minimap. Jump off the aircraft when it's within 800 meters of the ground. The length a player may leap, on the other hand, varies from game to map. Here are the finest BGMI leaping distances for all classic maps.

Suppose you wish to go to a remote area on the map, land in a place where there are a lot of automobiles. Before you get in the car and go to your destination, gather the required equipment and materials. It's a method of playing without risk.

Picture Courtesy: BGMI

#2 Drag the Joystick

Pull the joystick upwards at 45 or 135 degrees after jumping out of the aircraft. To get the best shot, draw your aim down to its maximum. It's best if the drop location is in your screen's upper left corner of your phone's corner. The landing speed is something to keep an eye on. You've successfully landed if the speedometer reads 234 kilometers per hour. In BGMI, the enormous joystick makes landing and controlling the parachute easier.

#3 Parachute Opens Automatically

As soon as your height hits 300 meters, your parachute will deploy automatically. Drag your joystick at a 135-degree angle and then at a 90-degree angle to close it. Speed will drop if you remove your finger from the phone screen or joystick. When you're parachuting, all you need to do is keep your thumb on the joystick. You don't want to open your parachute too soon. Use the free-look button when parachuting to find and kill foes in BGMI.

#4 Cancel Landing Animation

When you touch down, you'll be slowed down even more by the landing animation. In BGMI, you may speed up your landing by pressing the punch button as soon as your feet strike the ground. Then, you'll be able to dash out and begin scavenging. In hot-drop areas, having weaponry in front of adversaries might help you survive this shooting game.

Picture Courtesy: BGMI

#5 Land in Remote Places

A few pointers and methods might go a long way if you're planning on using a parachute to go a long distance. The technique is, in reality, remarkably similar to the four phases outlined above. On the other hand, players may need to use additional strategies to avoid crashing in the middle of their journey.

  • It would help if you jumped when the plane's wing was aligned with the minimap's designated point.
  • It would help if you dragged the joystick upwards at a 90-degree angle.
  • To turn your camera higher, drag your aim up.

Check the minimap to ensure you're on the correct route to the designated spot. A player may land 1500-2000m distant from the plane's course in BGMI. To avoid this, you must instantly use your parachute to slow your descent.

Timing of the landing in BGMI

When the designated site is 700-800 meters distant from the aircraft, jump.

You should leap when the designated area is around 800 to 900 meters away if the match occurs in Miramar.

Because the maps in Karakin and Shanok are so tiny, it's best to leap when the specified area is 400-500m away.

Arcade matches have narrower playing zones than Shanok and Karakin; thus, they leap when the position is between 200 and 400 meters.

How To Land When Your Plane Path Is 1000-1200 Metres Away From The Landing Location in BGMI?

  • Using the map as a guide, line up the plane's wing to the specified spot.
  • While gazing down, start scrolling upwards on your phone.
  • Set your joystick to a 90-degree angle right away.
  • To scroll down, alter the joystick's angle to 135 degrees after you've reached a height of roughly 500 meters.

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