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How to Host an Esports tournament online as an Organizer?

Community May 28, 2022

Esports is becoming increasingly popular as a career option. With most of the industries and the gaming options getting saturated, Esports seems to be an untapped market for many countries. In India, Esports have just begun, and hence people are looking forward to ways to join the community. In today’s blog, we will be getting into how one can be the organiser of an Esports tournament. Participating as a player is quite easy, as you just need to find suitable tournaments. However, hosting Esports tournaments online as an organiser is not much discussed.

Who is an Organiser?

Before we get into anything else, let us get all the concepts clear. So, who is an organiser? Going by the basic definition, an organiser is someone who is supposed to organise an event or anything. Hence, if you are an organiser in the Esports world, that means you are supposed to organise the whole tournament by yourself. Usually, in the Esports world, an organiser is a club or group of people who come together to organise these tournaments for the benefit of the community. On a small scale, it could be a small gaming club that wants to help the local gamers get enough recognition or prepare them for the next stage of tournaments and leagues.

Credits to ESL Gaming. One of the biggest organisers in the Esports world.

On a higher scale, most Esports tournaments are organised by gaming companies. For example, the PMPL Championships are organised by Tencent, the company that created PUBG, and the MSI is organised by Riot, the company that created League of Legends. Hence, Tencent and Riot are the organisers. Hence, as you can already understand, being an organiser means a huge responsibility.

What to Keep in Mind While Being an Organiser?

Well, you might now understand what it means to be an organiser. The next step will be to know what to do as an organiser. You can not just declare that you are organising an Esports tournament in your locality or on an online platform just like that. To start, you will need to keep certain things in mind.

Credits to Lineups. Some more of the famous Esports organisations you might have seen.


The first thing any Esports player will look for before registering for a tournament is whether or not the organisers are trustworthy. They will try to determine whether the investment is worthwhile and whether they will receive all of the benefits promised if they win.

Prize Pools

If you just organise a tournament, without any prizes, in the end, it is highly unlikely that anyone would be interested in joining them at all. However, when you are starting, you will not be able to offer many high prize pools. This could be the reason why you might also not get many players for your tournaments.


To offer lucrative prize pools and offers, you will have to get good sensors for your tournament. Hence, you can already imagine the level of effort and hard work that you have to put into becoming an organiser from scratch. You will need to go ahead and find sponsors for the prizes for your tournaments.

How to Efficiently Become an Organiser?

There is a tool for everything these days. Hence, we do have a simple solution to all these hassles of being an organiser. The solution is Tournafest. Tournafest is an Esports platform which is made for gamers, by gamers. Here, you can take part as a player and try to find tournaments, and you can also be an organiser and host tournaments! We at Tournafest provide the Esports community with a platform to help their careers and solidify their dreams of getting into the gaming community.

How will Tournafest help an Organiser?

Credits to Tournafest. Tournafest is your one-stop platform for gaming. 

Now you might be wondering how getting into Tournafest will help you as an organiser. Well, we are going to show you how!

Register yourself

If you are just a single person, or a gaming club, you can register yourself completely free on the app. Make sure to register yourself as an organiser, and then you will gradually be taken through all the steps of organising a tournament. You need not do anything by yourself now.

Trust Factor

As mentioned before, Esports players will be looking for the trust factor. As they are in Tournafest trying to find tournaments, they know that this is a trusted platform. Hence, you need not go out of your way to make people believe that you are a trustworthy organiser. Once you organise a tournament, they will automatically take part in the tournament. This will take the massive burden off your shoulders.

Prize Pools and Sponsors

Another massive headache that we will take away from you is the prize pools and sponsors. Usually, we will offer prize pools and sponsors from our side. We also give you the option of adding extra money from your side, if you want. Hence, you can go for either of the options. This means that you will not have to run around and keep asking for sponsors anymore. You can just organise a tournament with a few clicks, and you will be all good to go.


Now you might be worried that if we are going to fully sponsor your tournaments and do everything for you, then you might not get that creative control over the organising part. Well, you are very wrong about that! We merely provide you with the means and the platform. You have full creative control over the tournament. You can even mention and ask for recommendations, which in turn will help you further in your organising game.

Why should you trust Tournafest?

The next thing that you might be wondering about is why you should trust Tournafest. Well, that is something that we will not talk about, but will let the others do it for us. You can visit our website here and check for yourself. It is all free, and will hardly take a few seconds! You can also check out our app in case you want to give a small trial as to how to become an organiser here.

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