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How to grow as an Esports Caster? | Interview: Harsh Gohil aka Smartwolf

Interview Mar 22, 2022
“The only boundaries for you are those that you place within yourself.
If you set aside all the boundaries within you, then there’s nothing that can stop you!”

Tournafest conducted its seventh episode of Tournatalks,  Instagram Live Conversational Sessions on March 15, 2022. We invite over Gamers, Organizers & Hustlers from the Gaming Industry to have discussions with them on trending & informative topics and hence enlighten our audience on those issues. This time we invited over Mr. Harsh Gohil aka Smartwolf who’s a gamer, caster, and adding the cherry to the cake, a YouTuber too! Throughout this live session, discussions were made on the lifestyle, schedule & career of an E-sports player & Caster. People seeking some advice and information on the same must have a read on this blog, a synopsis of the live session, till the very end.

Q. How did you develop an interest in the Gaming or E-sports Industry?

“During childhood, almost everyone has this craze for Gaming, I had too. Every time a new game was launched, the excitement came into almost everyone around which made me also try out new games. At the time I started playing, CS 1.6 was in the trend and that was it, my game. I kept on playing the same game for around 15 years, a pretty long time indeed. After that, the craze for mobile gaming swept in, with the launch of PUBG. I tried my hands on PUBG too but you know it gets difficult to switch to mobile gaming when you’ve been used to PC gaming for so long. Eventually, I shifted to casting and I guess this is my field, my area of work & life.”

Q. How has been your Casting journey till now?

“So, the start to this journey i.e. my casting journey was due to my friend who offered me to cast for ‘fun’. Although I tried it for the first time as a matter of fun, people seemed to love me casting which gave me immense motivation to go on. One day, Hydra aka Dynamo approached me to cast for them which was a pretty big deal. It’s been over two years now that I started casting, that was the time & now is the time, I never looked back. It’s been an amazing, amazing journey indeed.”

Q. What is the future of Gaming & Game Streaming in India according to you?

“There’s a very bright future in Gaming in India but for that, you'll need to put in the next level efforts into your Gaming. If you’re choosing Gaming as your future, you can’t compromise with it or deal with it as a ‘pastime’. Once you learn how to beat the huge teams, you’ll find yourself growing!
About Streaming, in today’s date almost every other person as a Youtube Gaming channel. I’d say YouTube is an amazing platform for content creation but not for Esports opportunities for sure.”
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Q. Would you like to give some advice to the players who’re trying to get into the field of Esports?

“Play & grind as much as possible. Play & engage with other teams, invitational teams in Tournaments & learn from them by observing their gameplay keenly. Try as hard as you can to beat the topmost players from invitational teams too so that you might stand a chance to be observed by others or the invitational teams themselves!”

Q. What is your schedule like, as a caster?

“I do casting as a freelancer since I’ve got a full-time job too.”

Q. What is your greatest source of motivation to keep going?

“My greatest source of motivation has been gaming itself. I absolutely loved Gaming but at the time I had to choose my career, there was not many career opportunity in Esports in India so my interest kind of shifted. Right now, I’m pursuing casting only due to my passion for Gaming, hence Gaming is my motivation to go on!”
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Q. Do you think that Gaming is not yet considered a profession in India?

“See, there are wide career opportunities in Gaming in India currently. Apex Legends, Valorant, BGMI, and Free Fire are some famous games in the market right now which are offering job opportunities to people interested in Gaming & Esports. Eventually, more PC games will also come into the picture in India & hence more opportunities. So, considering all these things, Gaming is very well considered a profession in India.”
“Nowadays, almost every person owns a mobile phone because it's affordable while if we talk about the PCs, especially the Gaming PCs then their starting cost is 50k because Gaming isn’t possible without a graphic card. So, basically, it’s the ‘affordability’ criteria that jumps into the picture.”

Q. What do you do on your days off from Casting or Gaming?

“When my term ended at Hydra, I was looking for Casting opportunities like mad. I was so used to my morning-to-night tight schedules that I didn’t like the free time I got. So, yes it becomes your habit, or even better- an integral part of you.”

Q. What are your future plans considering you’re also doing a full-time job & casting as freelancing?

“I already have a YouTube channel with over 15k subscribers where I used to stream but then as a shifted to casting, it became the main thing. As I see the future, I don’t think I’ll continue casting for long because I’d like to provide opportunities to the newcomers. I’d rather stick to my full-time job, which I feel is more secure.”

Q. How do you think children can convince their parents to allow them to Game observing the good future possibilities in the Esports sector?

“The mentality of the majority of parents in India is that there is no future in Gaming and that being a doctor and engineer is the real job & profession. So, mostly the parents don’t get convinced. If you really wanna dive into this, then first get done with your studies i.e. your school & colleges. Once you’ve completed that and achieved something there, even parents wouldn’t mind you spending time in gaming.”

Q. Are there some tips you’d like to give to the underdogs?

“For the underdogs, I’d suggest that keep grinding as much as possible by making good use of the opportunities & try to beat the big teams. Following these two things will surely give you a boost.”

Q. How was the support from your family when you started gaming?

“Well, there was no support from my family. Yes, they gave me a PC & everything but I too did my job of passing all the examinations well. I studied a day prior to the examinations & still managed to pass.”
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Q. How can a person start their journey in Casting?

“When I started casting, I took inspiration from the big casters in the field like Ocean Sharma, he was a source of motivation & inspiration for me. I used to learn how he got the things done & how he used to deliver the words and stuff like that. Also, the places I worked at were a good learning experience for me.”

Q. How to keep going & not lose hope?

“Do it your way. Yes, there will be some days when nothing seems to get done but then you need to take a rest for a day or two & you'll come back much, much stronger than before! Everything is possible if you go on with hope held.”

Q. How do you think has Tournafest helped the Gamers and Organizers?

“Acolyte Esports was the place where I started casting for Tournafest. The biggest problem that the underdogs encounter is finding good tournaments which was solved by Tournafest by providing the best tournaments listed in a discoverable manner. Second, the registrations in tournaments are made super easy by Tournafest which again is a plus point of the app. Third, the winners can win huge cash rewards in the Esports Tournaments & Scrims and get them transferred directly into their banks. Hence, Tournafest is making it really easy for the Gamers as well as Organizers and is helping the Esports community to grow at an immense rate.”

This was all about the live session. We hope that through this live blog snippet you got to learn a lot. Stay tuned to our blogsite for more informative blogs.

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