Creating strong teams are easier now. Photo via EA Sports.

Creating strong teams are easier now. Photo via EA Sports. 

How To Create A Strong Team In FIFA 23?

Strategy Nov 16, 2022

Some ideas that will help you create the best possible team in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 is touted as the best FIFA game in recent history, with a plethora of features that have made it a complete package, and one doesn't feel burdened after playing the hefty price for it.  Previously FIFA was known for repacking the game like old wine in a new bottle but so many changes across the board for FIFA 23 have changed that narrative for the better.

FIFA 23 will most definitely be EA's last football game in association with FIFA, who themselves are planning to make a new game however, the love for the FIFA franchise cannot be surmounted by any game. EA has promised a football simulation game after retaining licenses to some popular leagues, teams, and players under a different name.

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The FIFA franchise was popular for its realism, the association with FIFA was crucial to bringing real-life teams and players into the game, and losing this line of licensing would mean that the upcoming game football simulation game from EA may lose that slight edge over PES.

The FIFA franchise has seen many improvements over the years but let's be real, the two modes that fans care about are the career mode and Ultimate Team EA has brought about changes that made fans happy and now they are enjoying it.

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Ultimate Team has always been the point of interest for fans and any changes around it are always put under a critical eye. This time around we were free from the shackles of team chemistry that completely changed the way we build teams in FUT. Making strong teams have become easier than before but there are still some clear fundamentals that must be followed to make a strong team.

The concept of formations and overpowered player chemistry styles still play major roles. Said changes did not alter the fundamentals of the game which has made the changes highly appreciated by the fans.


Formations are highly important in FIFA. Photo via FUT.

It is clear that having the right formation is as necessary as it gets. Before you can form a team, it is important that you settle on a formation. While there are FIFA games where several formations were deemed overpowered, FIFA 23 has changed that narrative. The best way to find the correct formation for yourself is to settle on playing style, and identify your offensive and defensive strengths and weaknesses upon which trying all the available formations would be a nice option. If you like to follow professional players, you might notice that most of them are preferring the 4-4-2 formation. It is known to be the most balanced formation in the game which provides a solid midfield, backed by a packed defence of four and two strikers who can be aided by winders down the flanks. Start experimenting with different variations of this to find out what works best for you.

Find Overpowered Players:

Mbappe is an example of an overpowered player. Photo via FUT. 

Overpowered players in FIFA are always in high demand for how they perform in-game. Take the example of Kylian Mbappe, rated 91, also the cover star of FIFA 23, who is arguably the most sought-after player in the game. However news players may find it hard to get him but luckily there are many cheaper alternatives that can do the trick, needless to say, they might not be as good as him, but you do not miss out on much given the amount that you saved. When you are on a budget, it is better to ignore a player's OVR and look for players who can perform well in-game. Every position needs to be filled with such players, who perform the best in-game and the right mix would result in a squad that is formidable.  

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Having the right mix of players who are put in the right formation would translate to a solid team. Star players cost a lot, but are cheaper yet just as good alternatives can be found at a cheaper cost. Try to maximize your budget and find the right mix of players, look at multiple options for the same position and formulate a list before you go all out in the transfer market.

Try experimenting with squads and formulate a plan to improve them, look for areas where you feel you need better players and systematically improve them instead of buying the first player you can get your hands on.

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