A suitable gaming PC set up. Picture Courtesy: Arian

A suitable gaming PC set up. Picture Courtesy: Arian

How to choose a suitable Gaming PC?

Strategy Aug 18, 2022

A gaming PC helps you enjoy more high-quality gaming. What you want to look for in a gaming PC as requirements for a good computer are two main things – CPU and Hardisk.


  • Gaming PC is crucial, from ensuring you have the proper storage to choosing the proper specifications.
  • Pre-built gaming computers are more affordable and more powerful than ever.

One of the most acceptable methods to play the newest games at high resolutions and exceptional visual quality is on a gaming PC. Knowing where to begin with so many brands and specs to consider might be challenging when purchasing one.

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This purchasing guide will assist you in selecting the best gaming PC for your requirements, preferences, and financial situation.

What Is a Gaming PC?

A gamer is using a Gaming PC. Picture Courtesy: Times of India

A gaming PC is, at its core, simply a PC, although it differs from most other PCs in many ways. A standard PC is only able to run rudimentary games at low resolutions. In contrast, it can run office-based applications, access the internet, and allow for a primary picture or video editing. Choosing a gaming system with technology specifically designed for gaming is crucial if you want to play games at today's level on your PC. While a standard PC may play specific simple or older games, the most recent games need a specialised graphics card and more powerful hardware. The most computationally difficult activities a machine can do are among the top games of today.

4 Gaming PC Specs to Consider When Buying a Gaming PC

Specific important considerations are unique from purchasing a typical PC. You'll notice that different gaming PCs provide various features and characteristics when you look at them. A well-balanced gaming PC is crucial, from ensuring you have the most proper storage to choosing the proper specifications. The following are the five crucial aspects to consider when buying a new gaming PC:

  • Cost
  • Graphics Card
  • Processor/RAM
  • Hard Drive

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How Much Should a Gaming PC Cost?

It is feasible to get a low-cost gaming PC for 45,000 and a high-end gaming PC for 4,00,000. Ultimately, the amount you choose to pay depends entirely on your financial situation. The more money you spend, the more probable you will buy high-quality parts. As a result, it is reasonable to invest a bit extra upfront to ensure that a gaming PC will last longer. That, however, is not always feasible. You may make a wise purchase and have a great gaming PC even on a tight budget. Spending what you can afford is essential with every purchase, but it's simple to overspend on something as costly as a gaming PC.

What Kind of Graphics Card Should a Gaming PC Have?

Gaming PC graphics. Picture Courtesy: Newegg

The graphics (video) card is essential to any gaming computer. Your ability to play video games at high resolutions and activate the most graphical elements depends on your graphics card. They are among the most costly parts available. Search for:

  • A video card that can play at least in 1080p, with 4K resolution as an alternative depending on price.
  • CPU with the highest powerful GPU you can buy.
  • As much GPU RAM as you can manage.

AMD and Nvidia are the two businesses that produce graphics cards. The RTX 30-series of graphics cards from Nvidia now provide the most incredible graphics cards. The GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is the most incredible graphics card if money is no issue, but when purchasing a gaming PC, you are more likely to find cards in the RTX 3060 or 3070 range. The RTX 30-series is often the best option if you want to play games at 4K resolutions or with visual settings at high or ultra-high.

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If you have a limited budget, AMD is still something to keep an eye on since the RX 6000 Series is a viable option. These GPUs are ideal for gaming with somewhat lower visual quality levels and 1080p resolutions. Most games can run at 1080p or lower visual settings if you're willing. The most recent Call of Duty titles and Final Fantasy XIV will scale down to 1080p, but lower-end graphics cards may cause games like Cyberpunk 2077 to stutter a little. Most GPUs can run enduring favourites like Fortnite because they scale effectively. It's essential to pay attention to the model number in both scenarios.

When purchased as a desktop system, the most recent GeForce RTX 30-series card should cost around 15,000 more than a 20-series GPU card, usually costing approximately 21,000 less. Prices regularly change as a result of the ongoing shortages of microchips worldwide. Lastly, check the card's memory to determine how much is available. The performance of a graphics card with 12 GB of RAM will probably be better than one with 8 GB. GPU RAM, sometimes referred to as VRAM (video random access memory), is a special kind of RAM that only supports your computer's graphics card and not any other components of your system. It cannot be subsequently upgraded, unlike standard RAM. A graphics card with more VRAM can access information like game textures or other effects more rapidly than one with less.

Which Processor and RAM should a Gaming PC have?

When choosing a gaming computer, the two possibilities are Intel and AMD. The most powerful CPUs for gaming right now vary in power based on your budget. Similar to graphics cards, a more significant number generally indicates more vital processing capability. A processor, commonly known as a CPU, is the equivalent of your computer's brain. It is responsible for deciphering and carrying out most of what happens on your screen. How fast it functions and completes tasks depends on its speed and the number of cores.

A core is a processor within a CPU. Most CPUs have four to eight cores. Similar to VRAM, computer RAM works by aiding the main CPU rather than the graphics card's processor. Your system's ability to retrieve temporary data is improved by having more RAM, which speeds up operations.

What type of Hard Drive should a Gaming PC have?

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are a standard storage option for gaming PCs. Avoid the one if it just provides standard hard drive storage. The only exception is if the gaming computer comes with SSD and hard drive storage (HDD).

One of the simplest methods to speed up your gaming PC is using SSD storage. With SSD storage, your PC can read the data more rapidly, lowering game loading times and enhancing performance.

You must be sure to get as much SSD storage as you can. The newest titles, like Call of Duty: Vanguard, need over 100GB of space, so you won't be able to install numerous games at once on certain gaming PCs with 256GB of SSD storage. Instead, if you want to move between games, you'll need to uninstall them regularly. Since most are digital or need lengthy fixes, reinstalling games might take some time. You should also provide plenty of extra space so the above fixes may grow and be installed.

Should I build my Gaming PC?

Building a Gaming PC. Picture Courtesy: Toms Guide

It's feasible to construct your gaming PC, which many people like. Creating a PC is similar to building with electrical parts on LEGO's somewhat more complex version. When it comes to purchasing components that function together, things get challenging. Unless you buy a package deal from a merchant with several components compatible with one another, it takes quite a bit of study to obtain all the right pieces. The problem of growing expenses is another. A graphics card may now cost more than an entire gaming PC tower, so constructing your PC is no longer more affordable than purchasing one already assembled.

More Tips for Buying a Gaming PC

There are a few more factors you may want to consider before deciding to purchase a gaming PC. Because you never have the time to play games, do you have a new gaming system? Do you have a computer capable of running the games you wish to play? If so, a gaming PC may not be necessary. When a decent gaming PC costs so much, resist the urge to get one just for fun. Perhaps a gaming laptop would be a better option. A gaming laptop can be a decent choice if you like to game on the road or have a small house. A gaming laptop, albeit sometimes more costly than a standard gaming PC, is reasonably practical. Keep the aesthetic in mind. Gaming computers don't have to be drab, hardware-filled black towers. To view inside your PC, you can now add RGB lights and stylish windows. Find one that complements both your aesthetic and your personality.

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