Gamers testing games. Picture Courtesy: How to geek

Gamers testing games. Picture Courtesy: How to geek

How to check if your PC can support a game?

Strategy Aug 12, 2022

The only way you'll know how well your system runs a game is if you run the game yourself and by checking your system.


  • You can check your graphics card and CPU and compare them with the game's requirements.
  • If your PC meets the recommended specs, you’ll have a better time playing the game.
  • You may not be able to bump all the graphic options to their maximum settings, but you should find a nice, playable balance.

The majority of games include minimum and recommended hardware requirements. You need a PC with hardware that satisfies or surpasses the minimum requirements to play the game at its lowest settings. Higher frame rates, support for higher resolutions, and a better appearing and performing gaming experience may all be found on PCs that are as excellent as or better than the suggested specifications.

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Due to the difficulty of directly comparing various versions of CPUs and GPUs, it is not always clear if your PC meets or exceeds the required minimums. When you include laptop CPUs and GPUs, which are likewise difficult to compare to their desktop equivalents, this situation becomes worse.

A quick check for Hardware

  • Press Task Manager, press Ctrl+Shift+Escape.
  • To check your hardware, click the Performance tab and choose CPU, Memory, and GPU.
  • You may compare your hardware to the required and suggested specifications on a game's shop page.

How Do I Check to See if My Computer Can Run a Game?

Check your specifications; after that, you can play games on your computer. Picture Courtesy: TheNextWeb
  • The game's minimum and/or recommended system requirements may be found on its digital store page or on the back of the box if you bought a hard copy. There could be further information in the manual.
  • Click Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Escape to see your computer's characteristics. After that, choose the Performance tab.
  • Select CPU, Memory, and GPU from the left-hand menu, then note what each has noted in the top-right corner. Additionally, free disc space on your primary hard drive is crucial. To determine if there will likely be space for games to install, check disc 0 or the C drive (although this may vary).
  • The minimum and recommended hardware requirements for the game you wish to play should be compared to the specs of your PC. You should have no trouble playing if your PC meets or surpasses these requirements. If it doesn't, you can encounter problems and want to think about replacing or updating your PC.

Compare Your PC’s Specifications to a Game

While determining your PC's specifications and comparing them to a game's specifications is not too difficult, your computer can often do it for you. Use the Can You Run It website to automatically verify system requirements. Several major corporations, including many processors, support this website.

We advise executing the System Requirements Lab Detection desktop application before utilising this website. If you don't, you will still be asked to run it the first time you look for a game online. Install this program, which will check your computer's hardware before returning you to the page while placing a unique cookie that identifies your hardware.

Why Won't My Computer Run a PC Game?

Computer processor interface. Picture Courtesy: Driver Support

A specific PC game won't run on your machine for various reasons. Your drivers may be outdated, your hardware may not be strong enough, your PC may be infected with malware, or there may simply be a game glitch.

To get the game to operate, consider the following advice:

  • Use the methods above to determine whether your PC has minimal requirements or surpasses them. If not, you may want to consider upgrading.
  • The most recent drivers for your graphics card should be installed.
  • You need to reinstall your desired game. Consider first backing up your settings and saves.
  • Try running a malware scan on your machine. Malware may use significant CPU time, which makes gaming a challenge. And even if you don't play video games... Remove that virus now!

You should be aware of the distinction between the minimal and recommended needs. To even start the game, you need to meet the essential prerequisites. The game must generally be played at the lowest settings, which may not be enjoyable. You'll play the game more effectively if your PC has the required specifications. Although you may not be able to set every visual option to its highest level, you should be able to strike a decent, playable balance.

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