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How to build your Esports Community as an Organizer?

Community May 31, 2022

As an organizer, you will always have many responsibilities for growing your community and ensuring that your organisation is recognised by the entire gaming community. In today’s blog, we will be getting into how to build your Esports community as an organiser. Once you can establish your own Esports community properly, then it will be up to your community to promote all your endeavours and achievements to the public. However, just making a community is never enough. You will have to make sure that your community is inclusive and that the bond is strong enough to withstand any difficulties. Consider the community as your support system.

What to look for in a Community?

Before we get into how we can build a community, you need to know what to look for in a community. Hence, let us go through some pointers that you might need to keep in mind:


At first, when you set out to get into a community or make one, you might find it easier to make a localised community, where the group is small and most people already know each other. Though it is easier, after some time it tends to be saturated and feel all the same. Hence, you will have to make sure that the community keeps getting larger and that you are bringing in people from different places too. This will help to keep your community alive and it will keep on growing too.

Beware of Toxicity

This is something that you will have to make sure that your community is not known for. Being toxic, and spreading toxicity is a big no-no among the community. Even though you might find certain famous Esports organisations being toxic, and people enjoying it, it has either become their brand, or they are just trying to get some clout through these tactics. This is not a good way to start in the gaming world. You do not want your organisation's name to have a black mark without any reason, do you? As a result, when you first build your community, it will be easier for you to keep an eye on who is toxic and to kick them out. However, as your community grows, you might want your moderators and managers to keep a strict no-toxicity policy as the guidelines.

Credits to Dunia Games. In-game toxicity should be avoided as much as possible.

You will also have to keep an eye out on your own Esports team (if you form one), as sometimes the players become toxic too. If the players can resort to taking everything sportively, you will not have much problem in weeding out toxicity from your community.

Online and Offline Presence

Most Esports communities when they head out, aim at either building an online or offline presence. However, it is not that easy to build an online presence that quickly in the Esports world, and to become a famous community in the offline sector, one needs to keep on hosting events, which would take a lot of time and money. Hence, the best way is to go for a mixture of both. You can keep interacting and bringing out small events and tournaments for the online group, and then you can even host a few small events across the year for the offline group as well. This would ensure that your community gets larger, and has a name in both the online and offline sections.

Going Differently

Who said that you have to build your community based on how others do it all the time? You always need not go the same route of following tournaments and events and hosting them in the same manner. You know, you always have the capacity to break the internet, but only if you go out of the box. Hence, try to do something different from what is already being done. Make sure to make your events a bit unique. Why should people be attracted to your community more than the other communities that are out there?

How to Build an Esports Community as an Organiser?

Now coming to the main part: how to actually start building the community and then work on the previously mentioned pointers? Well, you could go about in this manner:

Bring in your gamer friends

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If you have already set up an Esports organisation, then now is the time to bring your gaming friends into the community first. Talk to them about their plans, ask them to amplify any specific upcoming events, and even make sure that they participate in a few of them. If you have a famous gamer friend, well then you have half the work done for your promotion then. However, all you need to do is start small.

Create a Discord server

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Make sure you have a Discord server and be as inclusive as possible. Inform the Discord group about giveaways and tournaments beforehand. Make them feel as if they are your top priority over all others. Encourage people to hang out on your server more than anywhere else, and keep things interesting. You will find that your community will keep growing larger. Make sure you host small events in Discord just for the fun of it, and try to attract more members to your server, who in turn will become a part of your community.

Having a SubReddit

Make sure that you also have a subreddit. Now you might be wondering if that is not a cliche idea. Well, it is, but if you manage to have a strong presence on Reddit, there is a high chance that you will be able to build a larger community than you already have. Make sure that some people from your Discord, or the core team, are going to Reddit and trying to make a presence there. It could be interacting with other communities or people from another Esports community. You can also make sure that your subreddit is quite attractive and funny, which would attract people, and make your community well known.

Using Tournafest

Credits to Tournafest.

However, all of this might have sounded quite tedious. It is not an easy process, and a little help is always the best way to go about things. Hence, you should definitely try Tournafest! With the least of investments, you will be getting a whole community of 2 lakh gamers, a platform where your tournaments will be broadcasted, and most of the work will be automated! What else can you ask for, if you get all the organising job done by one platform?    


These were some of the ways through which you could build your own Esports community. However, if you want to get some extra help or support, you can always register yourself at Tournafest as an Esports organiser, and we will help you with everything you need!

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