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How to Be Safe from Hacking in Online Games?

Community Jul 16, 2022

One of the most dangerous and fearful things on the Internet right now has to be hacking and phishing. You must have heard your parents go on and on about how vulnerable things are on the internet, and how you should be extremely careful about how you pay for things online and such. Yet, you cannot deny that one of the most common and basic forms of hacking comes from online gaming. There are tons of fraudulent websites which would make your life more difficult in the name of online games. In today’s blog, we will be getting into some of the measures to prevent hackers in online gaming.

Measures to prevent hackers in online gaming

Without wasting much time, let us get into some of the ways through which one can prevent getting hacked in online games:

Having a strong password

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Now, this might be seen as a common safety guide. However, once hackers get into your system, they will try to get in through some common combinations of passcodes. At first, if they have managed to hack into your system through a game or so, they must have already got their hands on some personal information. You have to make sure that the password you are setting is not in any way related to your personal information. Though it tends to become quite difficult to remember, after some time you will get accustomed to it. Another thing to keep in mind is to use different passwords for your different accounts. The bank page that you logged in to, and your email account, all of them should have completely different passwords. One of the best solutions is to go ahead with the Google Suggested password, as those are extremely random codes put together.

Having a Two-Factor Authorisation

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This is another way to ensure that all your passwords are safe, and if anyone tries to get in, you can stop them. Usually, if you do not have the two-factor, what happens is that you do get notified that someone has logged in, but usually it's quite late by then. When you have two-factor authorization, you will need two devices in your hand to log in. That is, you will have to enter your password or a specific passcode on your computer and also on your phone to get in through the system. This will ensure maximum protection. Some of the Two-Factor Authorisations even provide a different password for the main app or website, and another passcode for the authoring device. This ensures another layer of encryption, and the hackers usually give up at that point in time.

Download or play from safe websites.

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Many of us are guilty of downloading cracked versions of games which are too costly or even playing games from websites which are not quite secure. This habit is one of the reasons why many of the players get hacked randomly. Always try to buy or download games from trusted sources such as Steam, Epic Games Store, or even the game's official website. If you are going to play a game on any website, make sure that the website is at least secured. One way to find out is to look at the URL. If you see "HTTPS" it means that the website is safe. If you just see "HTTP", this means that the website is not secured, and you have a high chance of getting hacked by the hackers.

Encrypting your Hard Drive

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This is another method to protect the information that is stored on your computer. Often, hackers also try to get into the device to retrieve more information. This could be extremely dangerous if you do not have any encryption on your device. Hence, it is always recommended to get encryption on your hard drive. The moment there is a breach from the hacker’s side, you will be notified about it immediately. Usually, for the encryption service, you do need to download anything or get any service. Encryption is enabled by default in both Windows and Mac.For Mac, they have the FileVault, and for Windows, they have the BitLocker, which will help you to get your hard drive completely protected from hackers.

Updating your services and systems

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This is another of those common things that we tend to forget most of the time. If you regularly do not update all the new instalments in your system and also your network security system, then they usually become more vulnerable and easier to hack. This is the reason why technicians always urge you to update your whole system as soon as the instalments are ready. Otherwise, the later it becomes, the more hackers will be attracted to your system for its ease of hacking.

Reading the Privacy Terms and Conditions

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Whenever you are going to play any game, you will definitely be given a few terms and conditions to agree to. Make sure to read them thoroughly to understand if they are going to do anything illegal with the information they are getting. If you feel they are going to take any data that is not actually required, then make sure not to agree to those terms, and close the website or game. As soon as you do, make sure to run a security check on your system. This will help you keep your information protected.


These were some of the ways through which you can easily try to save yourself from getting hacked while you are going to play games. Make sure to always run a regular security check on your system to keep things in check!

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