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Strategy Feb 14, 2022

In the fourth & last part of the Squad Series, we’ll be discussing the strategies and skills that must be incorporated by a Support Player in various E-sports games like BGMI, Free Fire, COD to back their team well. After successfully sharing the tips on how to be a better IGL, Assaulter, and Sniper it’s time to discuss a team member who’s not always considered much important: The Support Player.

Who is a Support Player?

As the name suggests, the task of a support player is to provide the squad with cover fires, smokes, and perform all possible revivals. A support player is equally important as an IGL, Sniper, and Assaulter. He’s the one who has the back of the entire team throughout the game. As discussed in previous blogs, each member of a team is equally important because something good from one member will do good for the rest. Similarly, something stupid from a member’s side can disrupt the gameplay for the rest of the team members. Continue reading the blog to know the strategies & tips to excel at being a Support Player!

  1. Full of Supplies: Yes, a support player or a medic is required to keep a good stock of supplies like armor, medkits, bandages, grenades & equipment so that he can act as a supply source when needed by the other team members. A support player usually becomes the man of the hour due to the variety of roles he’s engaged in.
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2. Take Cover Whenever Needed: A support player should always be ready to take cover. He is that one player who should have the knowledge of all the roles in the squad, i.e., the role of the IGL, Assaulter, and Sniper. He should know the use of grenades well. Without hindered thoughts, he should know how to conquer the enemy at once, or at least slow down the enemy’s pace.

3. Save The Assaulters: During an open fire, it becomes your duty as a Support Player to prevent even a single bullet from reaching the Assaulters during an open fire. When they’re in a fight, you need to give constant gunfire to the enemies & thus contribute to the victory!

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4. Keep the Range in mind: While playing as a Support Player, you need to keep a range of 0–300 meters during a fight. You need to master the fights that lie in the range of 100–300 meters. You’ll need to excel in giving sprays at this range.

5. Which Weapons To Choose? You need to keep well in mind which weapons to use as a Support Player. You should never use a Sniper. Most preferably, you should equip an automatic rifle. Using M416 is one of the best options as a Support Player as suggested by the top players because guns like M416 provide you with a next-level, gun-fire experience.

6. Strong Reflexes: As a Support Player, you need to be as fast & impulsive as an eagle. You should have strong decision-making power with strong reflexes so that you can provide instant cover gunfire & support to your squad members.

7. Strong Communication: You should be well connected to all the players in your squad so that you know what everyone is up to and so that you don’t miss out on anything. Be updated about when & where help is needed. In all, strong communication skills are needed by a Support Player in all Battle Royale Games.

8. Driving Skills: Well, a support player is also often given the duty of being a driver. Hence, he should work well on his driving skills too so that no damage is done to the team due to poor driving skills & no time is lost because, in the gaming world, it’s all about time & accuracy.

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How Can You Implement All This?

Learn. Practice. Adapt
Not only to implement these gaming skills but to incorporate any skillset in your life, you need to first learn & know about the process, practice it, and then finally adopt it. Do it once, twice & eventually you’ll master that skill. If you skip any of these three steps, you’ll face a lot of difficulties!

This was all about how you can be a good Support Player in various MOBA video games and how you can add to the win of your team. With this blog, we mark an end to the SQUAD SERIES where we discussed the qualities required by gamers to get better at their roles. We’ll be back with another series this Friday so make sure to stay tuned & keep reading.

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