How to be a better sniper?

Strategy Feb 11, 2022
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Bam! Headshot! Isn’t this something we all long for while playing games, be it on PC or mobile. An easy kill, just like a pro. If we look at the stats, not many players can get a direct kill in all of their matches. And that is where we come to our today’s discussion, ‘How to be a better SNIPER?’. We’ll talk about tips and tricks you can follow to become a better sniper in your Esports tournaments.

Who is a Sniper?

In the most simple terms, a sniper is a shooter. A person who shoots someone from a faraway distance or a hidden position. It is the same in games too. One of the squad members who act as the sniper has to be very efficient and effective with his sniping skills. Taking a headshot directly is a dreary task. And that’s where you need to improve your sniping skills to be a better player and a good squad member because your every perfect shot counts for your team.

Let us know a little more about the tips and tricks that you can follow to become better at sniping.

Practice makes a man perfect

You may be hearing this for the zillionth time but it is true. To be a better sniper, you need to practice more and more. Play scrims, matches, and tournaments regularly and eventually you’ll get a hold of it. Once you start playing matches regularly, you’ll get used to the positioning of your rifle, the reflexes, and the places you’ve to take a shot from. Do not start your training to be a better sniper with tournaments directly. There are professional players in those matches, start with training mode and then move on to scrims and tournaments.

Buckle it down

The foremost thing you need to know while learning to shoot is setting or choosing your target. Before you get on to shooting and aiming, you need to know your target perfectly. You need to know who you’re going to make your target. The first thing you should ponder upon the most is a convenient distance from your enemy. The right place and the right target should be your first lesson in the syllabus of becoming a good sniper.

Beat the clock

The next step in the process is to figure out the perfect timing. Once you’ve set your target, you need to find the exact time or the moment when you will take the shot. To get a hand at this, you need to study your enemy and their movement. Because we know, haste can sometimes lead to bad decisions. So, take your time, study your enemy and decide your final shot with precision. And that’s how you become the “headshot master”.

Make that shot count

Once you’ve set the target and set the timing, now is the time for the final step. Aiming. No weapon will challenge your aiming skills more than a high-risk, high-reward with a half-millimeter targeting reticle. Your aiming inputs have to best match the game’s built-in aiming system to get in the desired output and you get used to the system with regular practice. Various techniques are followed by different players in different games. Sometimes, it becomes unique to the player but there are few pre-described techniques that you can follow. Aiming plays a very essential part in becoming a good sniper.

Go places

Now that you’ve read and followed the above tricks, you’re ready to fly or should I say shoot(?) Once you become acquainted with the battlefield and with your weapon, you are ready to compete. As you’re skilled and experienced now, you can go and explore the battlefield according to your preference. This will help you know more about not just the game but also about your improvement with the skill you’ve been working on. So, don’t stop there. Keep exploring because you’ll definitely go places!

These are a few tips that you can follow to improve your sniping skills. Although, there is no such exact procedure to be followed to excel at it because every player has a different style and their own ways of learning. These are the few most common ones that could be considered if you want. And who knows, by following these few tricks you’ll become the “Chosen One”, the ‘Sniper of your Squad’.

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