Valorant is one of the newest FPS shooter games that have taken the world by storm.

Credits to Epic Games. Valorant is one of the newest FPS shooter games that have taken the world by storm.

How to be a Better Sentinel in Valorant?

Strategy Aug 9, 2022

In this blog, we will be guiding you through how to become a better Sentinel in Valorant.

If you are just starting in Valorant, then you might be a bit confused as to how to go about the game overall. Well, do not worry, we are here to help you out! You might have already noticed in the game that there are various categories of agents in the Valorant, and choosing these agents or their categories will have a huge impact on how you play in the game. Hence, it is necessary to know how to play the various categories of agents. In this blog, we will be getting into how you can be a better Sentinel in Valorant!

What are Sentinel Agents?

Credits to TheGamer. There are four sentinel agents in the game.

If you are still clueless about what exactly sentinel agents are, then let us help you out. Sentinel agents are the ones that are supposed to give you support or help the team in either holding down the sites or playing behind the team to help them in every possible situation. Hence, you do not need to play extremely aggressively while being a sentinel, but you need to be extremely clever as to how you go about on the map. A sentinel is the only agent that can defend a whole site on their own, and if they manage to handle their abilities, or use them with wit, then they are undoubtedly one of the best sentinels in the team.

What sentinel agents should I go for?

There are a total of 4 Sentinel agents, and you should choose them accordingly. Here are the agents you can go to:


Credits to TexhVisibility. Sage is the first Sentinel in the game.

She is one of the most prominent agents in the Valorant lore. However, that is not all. Sage was also one of the first sentinels to be introduced in the game. Her abilities include being able to heal herself and her teammates, slow down the enemies, and even block them from getting into the site from one side. Hence, even though a lot of players feel that there is not much way to play properly with Sage, those who can come up with clever tactics will know that Sage can be the most helpful agent on various maps.


Credits to DiamondLobby. Cypher is one of the sneakiest agent in the game. 

If we were to talk about the agent that summed up what it is exactly to be a Sentinel, then it has to be Cypher. He is one of the strongest defensive sentinel agents among the group, for his abilities have a wider range than the others. He can set up his camera on one site and then lurk around the other side, and still get a view of what is happening. It can be quite tricky to set up his trapwires, but once you learn the tactics, you will be quite amazed to see how many enemies are caught in the trap unaware. Cypher can be an extremely sneaky agent to play with if you can learn how to play with it with brains.


Credits to GGRecon. Killjoy is quite an aggressive sentinel agent.

Being a Killjoy main, you might find me quite personally biased towards her. However, this genius from Germany is known for her abilities to be quite defensive and aggressive at the same time. Her turret will automatically prevent the enemies from entering the site and can sometimes even kill the enemies if they have low HP. The grenades are also helpful, for they will force the enemies to get out of the corners and even deplete their health. Additionally, her ultimate ability can lock down a whole site for the team, which will detain all the enemies who are within the radar of the ultimate. Hence, you can even be a bit aggressive with Killjoy if you want to.


Credits to Youtube. Chamber is the newest addition.

The latest addition to the team, Chamber, is another Sentinel agent that you can even use to play aggressively to a certain degree. Most of his abilities are centred around having a good aim and getting better gunplay. If you are playing Chamber, you are supposed to be quite sneaky, and also to hold down a site. Hence, his abilities include the sheriff-like gun, and teleportation so that you can hold down the site upfront, make a kill as a warning to the enemies, and get out of there immediately. This manages to buy enough time for your teammates to come to the site to help you out, and would also force the enemies to fall back as much as possible.

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Things to keep in mind while playing as a Sentinel

Here are a few basic things that you might want to keep in mind while you are playing as a Sentinel:

Hold Sites

As a sentinel, you are supposed to hold down the fort. If you are in defense, then you have to choose which site you are going to go to. You might have to hold it all alone or even expect someone else to be there to assist you. However, you will have to know that you are expected to hold down sites all by yourself. Hence, you have to make sure to keep your abilities handy, and make good use of them, so that you can hold on to even a five-stack push from the enemies.

Killjoy holding down the site with her ultimate.
Credits to PlayerAssist. Killjoy holding down the site with her ultimate.

If you are on the attacking side and have managed to secure a site and plant the spike, then you are also supposed to look out for holding the site. Your other teammates will be busy fighting off the enemies, and they might also get killed in the process. It is usually on the sentinel to make sure that no matter what happens, the spike does not get defused.

Hold Flanks

Credits to Trap wires helps to slow down the enemy in the flank area.

This is something that you have to keep in mind when you are on the attacking side. Once you secure a site and plant it, you will be expected to either hold the site or hold the flanks. Usually, the initiator or the controller handles the site and the entrance. It is up to the sentinels to set up traps or to obstruct the enemies from sneaking behind and attacking. You will also be expected to keep an eye out for the flanking areas. This becomes quite difficult when you are alone, as you could also be attacked at any time if you are not careful. Hence, make sure to use all your abilities wisely and protect the site and your teammates.

Play with the team

Credits to PlayerAssist. As a sentinel you need to play with you team.

You are the support system of the team, and hence it would make more sense if you are going to play with the team, rather than going off alone. Hence, make sure to stick with your team, watch their backs, and try to give them as much support as possible. This will make you a better sentinel than any other player.


At the end of the day, just make sure to have a good time and play with your teammates, and it will be the best game that you will ever have. Also, do not forget to practice before you get into the matches so that you can have a sharp aim and good gameplay in the game!

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