Controllers of Valorant. Picture Courtesy: VALORANT

Controllers of Valorant. Picture Courtesy: VALORANT

How to be a better Controller in Valorant?

Strategy Aug 12, 2022

If a player has excellent knowledge about the map and knows the peek spots, then controller agents are the best pick for them in Valorant.


  • If you engage your brain and outthink your opponent, the Controller can and will be just as lethal as any duelist can hope.
  • When it comes to Riot Games’ flagship FPS, Valorant, there are a lot of aspects for you to sink your teeth into.

You must always have a Controller agent on your squad while playing competitive Valorant. They are the agents most adept at maintaining control over hostile locations and foes. Therefore, now is the ideal moment if you wish to play the role of a Controller agent in Valorant as we'll be looking at how to play Controllers today!

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Valorant Controllers Agents Overview

In Valorant, there are 4 Controller agents. Although each Controller agent plays differently depending on their talents, they all smoke off and obstruct the adversary's view. You may examine each Controller agent separately.

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The significance of these chemicals is so great that even valiant professionals can detect their existence. They always use the same tactics and techniques, attacking or defending. So let's look at how you should use Controllers to attack and defend.

How To Attack With Controllers In Valorant

Smoke off the enemies' vision! Picture Courtesy: Riot Games

Controllers' primary goal while striking is to smoke off opposition openings and angles effectively. The adversaries are camped out in these areas, looking for an opportunity to score quick kills when you strike. If they are smoking off, their eyesight is impaired, and they must move at awkward angles so that you or your colleagues may easily take control of the area. Placing a smoke on Heaven in Haven would be an ideal use for one during an assault.

All Controller agents smoke somehow; therefore, all the smoking regulations apply to them. Brimstone smoke like that above is a fantastic attacking setup. Viper's Poison Cloud ability may be used to smoke; however, it may be a little more challenging since you can't choose the precise location like you can with the other Controllers. This comes up with the subject of lineups: familiarise yourself with your post-plant lineups if you want to play Controllers with Brimstone and Viper. This may provide you quick-round victories from a distance while making it hard for adversaries to neutralise the spike.

How To Defend With Controllers In Valorant

Defend your site with smokes! Picture Courtesy: Riot Games

Except for lineup challenges, defending with Controllers is the same tactic as attacking. Place your smokes on the entrances and doorways where the opponents may access the area as soon as you hear their assault. In this manner, the adversaries won't know where you are. You'll have already murdered them with your excellent aim by the time they attempt to enter and locate you.

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You may use Omen to teleport to boxes that provide off-angles and high positions to surprise the opposition team when they reach the area. And if you're a rookie, you may use Viper's Snake Bite and Brimstone's Molly skills to delay the other team until your squad gets to the battleground in time for a fair fight. They will also appear in front of you with half their health depleted if they attempt to shove your mollies. Using a Controller to protect while holding off the assailants is vital.

Valorant Controllers Tips & Tricks

Brimstone of Valorant. Picture Courtesy: VALORANT

You should keep in mind that Controllers smoke and have lines. However, the following Controller hints and suggestions will assist you in comprehending this agent.

  • Playing Controllers, unfortunately, is one the most crucial angles for smoke setups. Before you join a competition with a Controller, it is imperative that you get familiar with these smoke locations. One excellent piece of advice is to arrange smokes more inwardly while defending, rather than placing them to pop out of the opening, so the enemy can't peek from the smoke's left or right.
  • Learn the crucial post-plant Lineups: Keeping with the preceding math theme, you'll also need to get familiar with the crucial post-plant Lineups. Once you fully understand how to employ them, they may be game-saving tools.
  • Always work together as a team, and the Duelist should charge the scene first. Playing a Controller requires a lot of teamwork and cooperation. Before you assault the spot, shut off angles with smoke.
  • Keep yourself alive so you can place the smokes for your squad. Don't hurry to be the first to pass away. Don't rush to the scene believing you're the Duelist, get shot, and then fail to use your skills to smoke off the scene.

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