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How is the economic condition in the country impacting the Esports industry?

Case Study Jun 21, 2022

The Esports industry is one of the most independent industries in most countries. However, in India, it seems to be an upcoming industry, and hence the economic condition affects the industry quite differently than how it affects the other industries. Hence, in today’s blog, we will be getting into a deep study of how the economic condition of the country is going to impact the Esports industry and also vice versa. Once the Esports industry grows and takes on a good form, will it be able to help the economic condition of the country grow, or will it be a failure?

The Esports Industry in India Right Now

One of the first things that we have to understand before we delve into the question is what is the condition of the Esports industry in India right now before we go ahead and try to find out the future. With India performing so well in international Esports, there is no doubt that we are improving. If we were to look back some 10 years in the past, we would find that India would mostly participate in the CS: Go Tournaments and that was probably it. However, the increase in the usage of the internet and the coming of mobile games like PUBG have helped gain huge momentum in the country's Esports interests. However, the industry was in danger when PUBG was banned a few years ago.

Yet, it seemed that the impressions of the gaming community and the Esports world were great in the minds of the youth, and we got some new games like BGMI, etc. With the outbreak of the pandemic, a slew of streamers emerged to introduce the youth to some of the most popular games from around the world. Also, the fact that so many popular games came to mobile too helped people to get more access to the gaming community. This helped the country to get more exposure to the Esports world.

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Another major reason why the Esports industry got a boom all of a sudden was that finally, we got some good Esports organisers who could hold big leagues and tournaments, which in turn would also help you compete against international players. Not only this, but with the advent of mobile gaming, many foreign Esports organisers seemed to finally see India’s potential, and immediately became interested in the country. This again helped the rise of the Esports industry and gave a huge boost.

Finally, one of the major reasons that the Esports industry is getting so much attention is that it is finally getting some representation in the traditional Championships like the Asian Games 2022 and the Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022. These were quite huge steps for the Esports industry all across the world, and for India, it was the first step toward recognition. Not only this, India has been getting some amazing wins and there is a high chance that they could also make a strong impression at these Championships.

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Future of Esports in India

Now, this is another evaluation that every businessman is trying to decipher right now. How is the future of Esports in India going to pan out? At first glance, there may be a lot of people who might not be quite confident in the ability of Esports. However, when we say that Esports have an immense capacity to carry forward the country’s economic condition, it would be an understatement. We know that this was something quite massive to say when the industry is only at its baby stage, and you never know what is going to happen in the next few years.

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However, as to how things are progressing, experts feel that the industry can easily generate $2 billion by 2023. This is a significant step forward, and if the industry can reach this level by next year, imagine the impact it will have five years later! There is no doubt that the industry will be a significant contributor to the country's economic situation and may even help it improve. This would be a huge boost to the country's status, which has always been portrayed as developing.

There are many reasons why the Industry will keep on booming even after this year. One of the major reasons is the introduction of streamers and the Internet, through which people can get into the world of Esports. Also, with the Pandemic, traditional sports have suffered quite a drop in viewers and percentages. Therefore, Esports are conceived as the next big thing.

Obstacles that Esports must overcome in India

This is another important reason why Esports still can not reach their full potential just yet. There are multiple hindrances or blocks on the way for Esports to grow into a successful industry within a few years. One of the major reasons is that most people still do not see online gaming as a part of the Esports industry. They feel that it is a part of online gambling or some sort of addiction. Until and unless this mindset is taken care of, there will always be the risk of the Esports industry getting subdued by the laws set by the government. For the time being, the Esports industry is kept under a lot of restrictive laws and rules, which does not help the growth of the industry, and so many regulatory bodies do not help at all.

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If all the before-mentioned hindrances could be removed, then there is no doubt that the Esports industry has huge potential to take the economic condition of the country to a completely different level. We strongly feel that the government should give a chance to the industry and help it grow. This will also provide more career opportunities for the youth. Hence, the growth of the Esports industry is facing one big hindrance right now. If that gets removed, it would be one of the biggest industries in the world.

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