Credits to Head Topics. Myanmar Esports players are facing a lot of trouble.

How is Myanmar’s Esports Team Less Privileged than the others?

Newsroom May 16, 2022

For any country, the economic and political situation will affect every aspect of the country, even the job sector. This also included the gaming field of the country, Esports is getting extremely popular and is now seriously considered to be a career option. However, in underdeveloped or developing countries, Esports still has a long way to go, and this makes it a bit difficult for those people there, who are willing to get into gaming. They have to face multiple obstacles which might not be there for the developed countries. In today’s blog, we will be getting into how the gamers from Myanmar are recently coping with such a drastic change all of a sudden.

What are the issues that Myanmar Esports players are dealing with?

The first problem that they are facing right now is electrical shortages. This is quite a huge problem in the summer for ordinary people. However, for the games, it brings in a different sort of problem. With such frequent power cuts, where the electricity does not come back for hours, it makes it difficult for them to practise constantly, and even if they were to take part in any online tournament, they would have to face a huge loss in that match. To counter the problem, they can get expensive generators. However, not all gamers can afford to use generators for their PCs. This makes it difficult for them to focus on their gaming career completely.

Credits to Early Game. The gamers have to face both these problems together. 

The next problem is with their internet service. The internet service in Myanmar is quite slow in comparison to other countries across the world. This is the worst enemy for any gamer. You can have a bad PC and still play a game if it supports it. However, if you have a bad internet connection, no matter how well built your PC is, your gameplay will be affected. There will be extreme lag, which is a complete no-no for any tournament. Many Esports organisations make sure that their players have a good internet connection so that they can give their all in the tournaments. However, in Myanmar, the players face extreme lag, and this keeps on affecting their gameplay. They can not even practise properly.

Why are these things happening in Myanmar?

Though people do not want to mention why the country is facing such difficult times, it is quite evident that after the recent coup and the unstable political situation in the country, things have started to turn bad. Of course, this is why the people in Myanmar are so scared now, and their lives are completely a mess right now. We do hope that they can get out of this difficult situation quite soon. Until then, Esports players must persevere in the face of adversity in order to realise their ambitions. Those who belong to international Esports organisations might still have a chance of doing well, the nationals could be suffering more than the others.

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