Credits to Dot Esports. Minecraft is still one of the the biggest games in the century.

How is Minecraft still relevant after all this time?

Case Study Apr 20, 2022

There is no doubt that Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time. Ever since its release, there has been barely any time where Minecraft is not doing well. It is a game that is evergreen all the time, and perhaps will be so until there is something that can be replaced. With their new updates and changes, Minecraft is the most original game that one has come across, and there is no doubt that Mojang always ensures that all users are always hooked into the game with their new updates and changes.

The Creation of Minecraft

Those who are Minecraft veterans will already know how Minecraft was created. Well, for those who don’t know, Minecraft was created by Markus "Notch" Persson, who was a Swedish programmer when he wasn't working on the game, he was working for other companies. Minecraft was his side project. He used to work on it on weekends and whenever he got his free time. Of course, he was influenced by some of the popular games during that time, like RubyDung and Infiniminer. Yet, he finally created the game in May 2009 and published it on the TIGSource forum. After the positive feedback from there, he started to work on the game and finally made the classic version of Minecraft. From then on, the first major update to the game, known as Alpha, came out in June 2010, and from then on, Minecraft began to get popular.

Credits to UnspeakableGaming. This is the very first version, Alpha of the game.

From then on, Minecraft only began to grow, and Notch had to quit his job to focus fully on the game's development. However, once they had established Mojang as the creator and developer of Minecraft, Notch had to give up his role as the lead designer and put Jens "Jeb" Bergensten in the position. From there on, all the changes and updates have been under Jeb’s control.

The Creator- Mojang

Everyone knows that Minecraft was developed and created by Mojang. As mentioned before, Notch founded the company after he finally released Minecraft to the public. However, soon enough, he had got his entire team and was focusing on the whole company. The name Mojang came from Notch’s previous video game that he was working on but had abandoned. However, you will be disappointed to learn that all of the originals, including Notch, no longer work for Mojang. This means that all the recent changes and updates are not coming from the OGs anymore.

Credits to Wallpaper Abyss. Mojang is now Mojang Studios.

However, why is the company in this state? Who is the owner then? Right now, the company is owned by Microsoft. Back in 2014, Notch sold his share to Microsoft, which was Xbox Game Studios back then. Since then, it might have been a bit difficult for Notch to take control of things as they had to do everything per Microsoft. He had lost much of his creative control, and from that point on, Microsoft decided what to do or not. Soon enough, Notch, Porsér, and Manneh, the OGs who had actually started Mojang, left the company completely. This was quite a sad moment for all the Minecraft veterans who had seen the journey from the first update. In 2020, Mojang was rebranded as Mojang Studios. There are multiple spin-offs and various other versions of Minecraft that are under Mojang Studios currently, and we guess there will be many more to come.

Other Games from Mojang

Mojang did not only come up with Minecraft, but there are other games too. Here is a list of them:

  • Caller’s Bane was released in 2014, just a few years after Minecraft.
  • Crown and Council came out in 2016.
  • Finally, in 2020, there was Minecraft Dungeons, the spin-off of the main Minecraft.
  • There was Minecraft Earth was released in 2019. However, the game was withdrawn and removed in 2021. The reason was that the pandemic had hit just then, and the company felt that it was not in the best interest of the present situation to keep the game on.
Credits to Nookrium. Caller's Bane is also another game you can try.

There were a lot of games that Notch was working on in the early days that came up with Yet, he had faced a lot of creative blocks and would be uncertain if the game would even be appreciated by the community. Soon enough, he gave them up. Yet, we are glad that he did not give up on Minecraft.

How is Minecraft Still Relevant After All This Time?

Now we come to the question: Why is Minecraft still so relevant after decades? Well, the first reason we think for the popularity of the game is that it is a multiplayer game where you are given an open world. You can build things, and even fight dragons. All of this seems to be quite fun when you can do it with your friends. Also, with the new updates and changes, Mojang makes sure that you are hooked on the game. With every new update, there are new mobs or materials that open up more possibilities, and more fun for the gamers.

Credits to Windows Central. Minecraft Earth is no longer available.

Another reason why Minecraft is so popular is its simplicity. You do need to stress yourself too much to play the game. Imagine you are playing an FPS game, or even a story-based game. You have to give a lot of thought and energy into it. Minecraft is a game that you can play just to relax. Do you find it extremely stressful to build or go mining? You can just chill by the pond and fish for your miner friends. The whole world is yours, and you can do anything you feel like. This is what makes the game such a classic.

Most recently, in NEWS

Mojang Studios is now coming up with more amazing updates now and then, and fans are almost losing it. All the new changes look extremely attractive, and we cannot wait to go through them.

Java Edition Minecraft 1.19 snapshot 22w15a
Credits to Sportskeeda. Warden is now scarier and stronger!

This week brings a small snapshot update to the game, and players are becoming concerned. The major change that they brought in is that the Warden can detect you from further away and can even push you off the cliff or mountain. This is quite a scary update, and everyone has to be extra careful around the Warden. There are other changes too, which you can check out in the game.

Arkfall: Mech Battles is an entire first-person shooter built inside Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

This time, finally, we are getting an FPS game within Minceraft’s bedrock edition. This mini-game will be released on April 19, 2022. Make sure to catch it live when the updates get in!

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