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How is game streaming becoming a popular professional choice for youth?

Community Jun 17, 2022

Recently, there has been a rise in the Esports and gaming communities. People have started to join in by the millions, and we are loving it! The gamers' community had been underground and not that popular. However, with the changing times and way of life, people have been getting into gaming. Hence, in today’s blog, we will be getting into how is game streaming becoming a popular professional choice for the youth? This will also give you a good insight into the community, and if you are interested in getting into streaming, we hope it will be of great help.

First of all, let us get into why streaming is so popular all of a sudden. Previously, there used to be a few streamers. However, now people have started to get into the streaming business. The reason for the sudden rise in popularity is that people started to watch the streamers and get influenced by their gameplay, and they got into gaming. All the more, those who were already into gaming started to explore all the other games their favourite streamers were playing. Not only this, but the streamers would also manage to become influencers, and hence they portrayed a certain type of gaming lifestyle that drew more attraction from the viewers.

The Advantages of Being a Streamer

Now let us get into all the advantages of being a streamer full-time:

Working at your Time

One of the major advantages of being a full-time streamer is that you can manage to work on your time. This means that you can stream anytime you feel comfortable. When you start, it is best to follow the algorithm and then set your timings. However, when you get a good number of viewers and followers, you can easily go ahead and stream at your convenient time and day. This is usually not the case for normal office workers or even gamers who have to set aside a specific time to practice. Therefore, being a streamer will help you to get flexible hours throughout the day, which will give you better control over your life, and you can handle your lifestyle in any way you want to.

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Fewer Resources

Those who say that streaming will require you to spend tons of money are exactly right. You will need quite fewer resources to get started. At first, you will need some specific devices, like your PC, which must be able to take on streaming and play games, so make sure you have a high-end gaming PC. After that, you do need not go for the pricey games in the market. Make sure to start with a free game, which is quite interesting. This will help you to save a lot of your budget.

For the background, you do need to get that aesthetic background from the very beginning. Make sure to get some good string lights or LED lights at a cheap price, and then decorate your background. You can also get some normal, good-lighted gaming headphones and chairs. You never need to start with expensive decorations when you first start your streaming career.

Comparatively takes Less Time to Produce

This is another advantage of being a streamer, you will hardly have to give much time to the production of the video. All you need to do is to start with your live stream template and such things. Once you get started with it, then it will be all a cakewalk from there. You need to have a beginning template, a waiting template, and a conclusion template. Once your stream is over, you do not need to do anything at all for the production of your videos. This becomes more time-saving as you do not need to get into the details of video editing and video formatting after you record it. Hence, it saves a lot of time.

Multiple Sources of Income

If you are a streamer, then your source of income will not be restricted to just streaming. You will have a lot of ways through which you will be earning. Of course, the main income will come from your audience and the platform you are streaming from. After this, if you do join an Esports organisation as a content creator, then they will be paying you too. However, even if you do not join them, then you might be getting into brand endorsements and doing sponsorships on your streams. This would also give you a good source of income. Lastly, you can also sell your merchandise after getting a good number of followers and popularity. This will be another part of your income. Therefore, you never need to worry about one income getting closed off; there will be another way too.

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The Disadvantages of Being a Streamer

Now we will be getting into some of the disadvantages of being a gaming streamer:

Cramped Routine

At first, streaming will be extremely difficult, and then you will have to stream almost every day, probably without any viewers. This will be the most difficult part of the whole streaming experience. You will have to be consistent with hardly any support from anyone. Yet, you will get up to the higher viewers too. This will take a lot of time and patience. Hence, if you feel like giving up easily, then this would not be the best option for you. You might not get the same freedom as you will have once you get popular.

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This kind of goes along the same line as the previous point, that most of the platforms like Twitch and Youtube are oversaturated with streamers. There are millions of streamers on both platforms and billions of viewers. However, if you are not unique, then you will not be able to stand a chance. Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that even if you do find a way to be out of the box, there will be hardly any chance that you will be noticed at the very first step. You might still not be discovered. Hence, make sure that you have the mindset to hustle and struggle until you get into the position you want.


There are pros and cons to being a streamer, but then the reason it is so famous is the ability to entertain for so many hours. When you watch a streamer, they will be streaming for quite some hours, which provides a good source of entertainment. Another reason why streamers are so popular is that they are unique in themselves. All the different types of streams are different and cater to different types of audiences.

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