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How Galaxy Racer plans to establish itself as a Leading Esports Org and Content House in India

Newsroom Jun 27, 2022

The plans for Galaxy Racer to increase its presence in the Indian market have already been made public.
It has already gotten things going by signing about 10 Indian content producers and aims to make a name for itself in the country's thriving esports market.
Now, as per the recent interviews conducted by IGN with Mr Romeo Misao, Country Head of Galaxy  Racer India, unveiled that the intention of the organization is to establish a sense of lifestyle for gaming through various gaming houses being incorporated.

Earlier this year in February, Galaxy Racer, the world’s biggest and most influential gaming lifestyle and Esports organization, announced its intentions to expand its ventures in India. Now, as per the recent interviews conducted by IGN with the Mr Romeo Misao, Country Head of Galaxy  Racer India, unveiled that the intention of the organization is to not only become India’s leading Esports firm but to also establish a sense of lifestyle for gaming through various gaming houses being incorporated.

With over 2.5 billion views generated via various platforms and over 500 million followers across all social handles, the inclusion of Galaxy Racer in India is definitely a very intriguing story to cover.

Let’s uncover everything that has been said in the interview and how this will impact the gaming industry in India.

Vision for Galaxy Racer’s growth in India

As stated in the interview by Mr Romeo Misao, it’s just been two years since the organization has actually entered the space gaming industry and more specifically the Esports field. The fact that GR has eventually gained such a huge following in a short span of time tells that the vision and fundamental objective of the firm are quite attached to all the gamers globally.

As mentioned in the interview conducted, the vision of the firm is to not only establish an environment for Esport players but to also create a healthy and competitive environment to include all forms of gaming lifestyle. By gaming lifestyle, Mr Misao affirms that entertainment aspects like music, engaging videos, probably some web series or short movies, clothing and accessories, and lifestyle-based events will be included sooner than later.

Scope for Indian Esports

It was asked as to how Galaxy Racer is aiming to increase the horizon of gaming in India, given that the Indian Esport industry is currently dominated by mobile phone-based games and tournaments. Answering this intriguing question, Mr Misao stated the following:

“This is a very tricky question, to be honest, as I have worked with publishers in the past, and mobile publishers to be specific. I, as a gamer, or a consumer, I'm a 90s guy. So, of course, I come from that PC background. My first love is always going to be PC gaming. But having said that, it's super hard to just go out there, put out a very good title in PC and hope that it gets picked up in a very mobile-driven consumer base. It's super difficult, to be honest, and I'm not saying PC won't do good. But, it will not be as successful as mobile.

I think our whole consuming pattern will have to change for that to happen, and I don't see that happening immediately. There are a lot of things that need to change which include an increase in purchasing power. It's not just the publishers as well, because there are a lot of other things like the cost of hardware. And as a whole ecosystem. I think everyone needs to come together for such a change to take place.

But, I do see us pivoting a bit too PC. Last year, we saw a lot of people pick up Valorant lessons. Plus, when we saw the PUBG Mobile ban, we saw all these mobile streamers pivoting towards other titles. I do see maybe a certain amount of change in consumer behaviour. But, I don't think, we'll see any change for at least five years.”

Source: Sportskeeda

Clearly, Mr Misao referred that GR will be focusing on all forms of gaming platforms, given that there’s a growing interest in all of them. Understandable that currently the gaming industry is more into smartphone-based games, but as mentioned the company will be introducing several tournaments and other gaming facilities to assist the PC and Console market for games. The reasoning attached to this answer was apt too. It is that the cost of hardware and the games installed with the popularity and game time, especially in a country like India. Possibly, like how Valorant became super popular due to its low demands, the company might be thinking to introduce such games where a large cap of Esport players can be sheltered.

Steps to mark the presence of Galaxy Racer in India

Analyzing the interview, we can figure out that a company like Galaxy Racer is definitely coming with huge forms of investment, especially in a country like India where the gaming population is second highest in the world. Therefore, the company is initially working very hard to set up its system by hiring masses, preoccupying official properties, and investing in smart marketing strategies.

It was highlighted that the initial aim of the company is to establish and transfer the vision, which is essential to provide a sense of gaming lifestyle attached. Herby, will include several music albums, engaging videos and clothing merchandise. As rumoured before and a big possibility now, GR will be introducing themselves with a band by contracting big faces in the gaming and entertainment industry. However, it’s still a matter of high curiosity as to who these faces will be.

How Galaxy Racer will enter Esport tournaments

It was intriguing to hear how Mr Misao hinted at the inclusion of big events set to be organized by GR to incorporate the Esport ecosystem in India. It was acknowledged that the company understands the scale of investment from both the domestic and international fronts to organize large-scale tournaments and include players from around the world.

It was stated that the firm will be building a roadmap to include gaming events, not just Esport tournaments, for all popularly played games in India like BGMI, Call of Duty, Dota 2, etc. Here’s what he actually said:

”Since we're talking about organizations as a whole, I can just imagine how the eSports ecosystem in India looks, compared to a year ago, So many international organizations are coming up and setting up their local or regional teams, and if you compare them with us, we also have similar initiatives. But I feel like, in terms of initiatives specifically for India, we would have large-scale exclusive events, which I wish I could reveal. But yeah, there will be more events coming in as part of our Esports roadmap under the NG X Nigma. Galaxy banner, we do still have a pretty strong BGMI lineup, and I think you will be seeing them in action soon. I think they did pretty well recently in most of the events they've competed in, and they've been like the underdogs because it's a new roster. Free Fire, as I said, it's banned at the moment, so there's not been a lot of development on that front.

Source: IGN

But in terms of initiative, we do plan on continuing our efforts in fostering really good teams. Second, is our exclusive Esports IPs. I think one of the biggest examples of that is the Gamers Galaxy IP that we had for DOTA 2, and it was the first LAN for this year, and it had all the best teams in the world. It shows that if we can do that globally, I think we can easily do that in India. Of course, it might not be with DOTA, and it would most probably be BGMI or any other (insert any mobile title), which is doing really great.”

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