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How an employee of Apple founded 'Electronic Arts' and made it a worldwide phenomenon?

Case Study Jun 19, 2022

Believe it or not, Esports has been around for a very long time in different forms. Today, we're going to talk about a major game development company ‘Electronic Arts’ which was founded long back in 1982. A company that acted as the pioneer of early home gaming computer in the 80s, Electronic Arts have definitely come a long way, releasing some of the most prominent names in today's gaming world.


Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) is an American video game company headquartered in Redwood City, California. It was founded in May 1982 by Apple employee Trip Hawkins. EA published numerous games and some productivity software for personal computers, all of which were developed by external individuals or groups until 1987's Skate or Die! The company shifted toward internal game studios, often through acquisitions, such as Distinctive Software becoming EA Canada in 1991. Their desktop titles appear on self-developed Origin, an online gaming digital distribution platform for PCs and a direct competitor to Valve's Steam and Epic Games Store.

The establishment of Electronic Arts

If imagined now, Electronic Arts would sound like an impossible phenomenon to have been created during those days with little to no resources but Hawkins made it possible. Trip Hawkins had been an employee of Apple since 1978, at a time when the company had only about fifty employees. Over the next four years, the market for home personal computers skyrocketed. By 1982, Apple had completed its initial public offering (IPO) and become a Fortune 500 company with over one thousand employees.

In February 1982, Trip Hawkins arranged a meeting with Don Valentine of Sequoia Capital to discuss financing his new venture, Amazin' Software. Valentine encouraged Hawkins to leave Apple, where Hawkins served as Director of Product Marketing, and allowed Hawkins to use Sequoia Capital's spare office space to start the company. For more than seven months, Hawkins refined his Electronic Arts business plan. With aid from his first employee (with whom he worked in marketing at Apple), Rich Melmon, the original plan was written, mostly by Hawkins, on an Apple II in Sequoia Capital's office in August 1982.

When he incorporated the company, Hawkins originally chose Amazin' Software as their company name, but his other early employees of the company universally disliked the name and it changed its name to Electronic Arts in November 1982.

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In 1991, Trip Hawkins stepped down as EA's CEO and was succeeded by Larry Probst.

Industry reports around May 2022 asserted that EA had been looking to be acquired by larger media firms, including Disney, Apple, Amazon, and Comcast/NBCUniversal.

Games by Electronic Arts

This is a list of video games published or developed by Electronic Arts. Since 1983 and the 1987 release of its Skate or Die!, it has respectively published and developed games, bundles, as well as a handful of earlier productivity software. Here's a list of the top 5 most popular games developed by Electronic Arts.

FIFA Series: The Series was released on 15th December 1993 and becomes the most popular game. FIFA International Soccer is the first game from the FIFA series. The latest edition of the FIFA Series is FIFA 21.

The Sims Series: This series is developed by Maxis and published by EA (Electronic Arts). It was first released in the year 2000. And since then Three more Sims series were released.

The Need For Speed Series: It was first released on 31st August 1994. In 1994 Electronic Arts published Need for Speed game and various sequels have been released since then.

Madden NFL Series: In the year 1988, the first series of Madden NFL was released. NFL 2021 is the latest edition of the Madden NFL Series released in the year 2021. This series sold more than 250 Million Copies and the franchise generated over $4 Billion dollars in sales.

Apex Legends: Apex Legends is an online multiplayer battle royale game. Respawn Entertainment is the developer of Apex Legends and EA published the game. Legacy is the latest season of Apex Legends and it was introduced on 4th May 2021. It is one of the most popular games of Electronic Arts.

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These are the most popular games published or developed by EA apart from the Battlefield series, Bejeweled series, The Medal of Honour series, etc.

How EA is going strong even after so many years?

EA has been in the market for more than 4 decades now and it's known that having been in the public eye for so long comes with not just success and fame but consequences too. Similarly, EA has also had its fair share of ups and downs through these years.

Let us take a look at what made Electronic Arts reach the position it is at today.

  • EA makes a lot of sensible business decisions. Their franchises are multi-million-copy selling games, and their PC games are sold only on Origin.
  • PC games, so 100% of their PC sales go straight to them, and they don’t sell on any other sites.
  • They know their audience. Even after so many controversies going on around the company, EA knows that its audience is there to only buy games and that is what it has been doing all the time.

These are some of the few reasons that have helped EA evolve so much in all these years making it a success (at least if we talk statistically). We hope this blog gave you a fair idea about how EA established itself in the market and how it is going strong even after all these years.

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