Gamers do actually earn a lot eventually.

Credits to Unsplash. Gamers do actually earn a lot eventually.

How do Gamers make Money Online?

Strategy Sep 29, 2022

In this blog, we will be looking into how exactly the gamers make money through online platforms and tournaments too!

If you want to become a professional gamer, and are thinking about what could be your stream, or how you are going to generate revenue in your business, then we are here to help you out! Gamers actually do not just play games and win money in return. That does not really happen. There are multiple sources of income, or ways to actually generate the income, and build a good fortune for yourself. Being a gamer, earning money is going to be a bit difficult at first, however, once you start to get better and more popular you will find that you are getting no problem earning from one source.

Different Sources to Earn Money as a Gamer

Now without wasting much time, let us get into all the different sources and ways through which you can earn a lot as a gamer:

Prize Pool Money

As a gamer, you will be expected to go to tournaments and participate in them as much as possible. One of the main things that you have to do is participate in tournaments. Now, if you do end up winning them, you will be awarded specific prize money. This in turn will help you to earn a bit. However, when you are just starting out then it will be difficult for you to get into a tournament which will be having a huge amount of prize money. Hence, you have to start small. You will have to find out the local or regional tournaments which are not a scam and pay a decent amount. If you are completely new and seem to be not getting any recognition, then you need to even play a few tournaments where you might not even get paid. Many tournaments do not pay you in money, but they will give you goodies and merch in return.

Esports tournaments are a great income source.
Credits to Mclaren. Esports tournaments are a great income source.

Now if you look at the high-rated tournaments, you will find that they pay immensely well and can go up to even millions for their prize pool. Hence, if you are aiming for reaching the top, where you get that lucrative earning, you will have to work from the bottom, where you will be paid quite less for your tournaments.

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Official Salary

A lot of gamers are often enrolled or associated with an Esports organisation. They also might be working as a content creator or as a competitive gamer. Anyway, when you are associated with an Esports organisation you will be paid a salary, as you will be getting in with them, on a contractual basis. This means that you will be able to earn a monthly salary from them. Not only this, there are tons of gamers who go for the underrated Esports organisations or those who are just coming up. To get recognised and get into those high-rated Esports organisations, one has to start from the bottom. You will have to accept all those minimal wages and salaries that you are being offered to by the unpopular Esports organisations.

Esports organisations that are extremely popular.
Credits to Quora. Esports organisations that are extremely popular.

Another advantage of being with an Esports organisation is that they usually help you to keep playing in the tournaments, and you will get better exposure if you manage to be associated with an organisation, then other organisations will also keep an eye on you. Many organisations even manage to try to negotiate and bring better players into their company for their own benefit. You need to keep your eye out for these opportunities.


As we mentioned before, many gamers do not want to get into the competitive scene, and would rather prefer to be a content creator. Again, there are plenty of gamers who are also content creators too. Hence, everyone tries to be a streamer if not a professional gamer as it is extremely popular right now. There are tons of people who might not watch an Esports tournament right away, but they will definitely watch a stream of their favourite creator. This is because when you are streaming, you tend to connect with the audience, and it feels extremely personal. This makes the audience feel extremely good, and they want more of it. Whereas, in a competitive tournament, you are usually playing a match where it has got little to do with your personal touch and more with your game skills and such things.

Streamers are getting more recognition now.
Credits to PremiumBeat. Streamers are getting more recognition now.

Also, once you start to stream, and gain the required amount of followers or viewers, Twitch or Youtube will also start to pay you for streaming on their platforms. Once you get a good fan base, you can also create special memberships for your channel, and get revenue from that. All of these are just things that you can do to get more income for your gaming career.

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This is also a part of streaming. If you are a streamer and do actually make a prominent mark on your platform, you will be approached by various companies to sponsor their products. This happens to almost all streamers and gamers. Even if you do not stream your gameplay, and just upload videos on Youtube you will be able to actually get sponsorships.

OpTic Gaming has a sponsor with Brisk Mate.
Credits to Trend Hunter. OpTic Gaming has a sponsor with Brisk Mate. 

The more popular you are, the better and more expensive sponsorships you will be getting. You might also get some brand dals for which you have to keep showing ads now and then in your videos. All of this pays off quite generously, you will also get all the free goodies with it!


These were some of the ways through which you will be able to make money online as a gamer, without having to go through much hassle and stuff. Just remember not to stress out too much, and make sure to enjoy the process too!

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