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How do Esports Players Train?

Strategy Apr 16, 2022

If you feel that all that Esports players do is play games all day, well then you are quite wrong. They need to have a balanced lifestyle to play in tournaments and leagues. They need to avoid fatigue, and hence, they need to keep themselves away from video games most of the time. The life of a professional Esports player is not that simple, and one has to be quite dedicated and invested in the game to pursue this field. In this blog, we will be getting into the strict routine or regimen that you might need to follow if you want to train like an Esports player.

A routine for an Esports Player

We will be looking into the routine that an Esports player must follow when he joins an Esports organisation.

Create a Schedule or Routine

Before you get to follow a routine, you will have to make a routine or a schedule first. However, it is not as easy as simply making a timetable like "at 11 A.M I will start playing, at 4 PM I will have my snacks." You will have to understand your priorities and have to make time for everything in your life. Professionals do not play for the whole day, and they give priority to their health, and mental peace before going for gaming. Therefore, if you want to make a routine, do it only if you are going to follow it. If you make one and do not go through with it, well, then you have faltered in the very first step of your journey.

Credits to Asana. Maintaining Routine is important.

Make sure to start small. Keep a waking time close to when you wake up now, and then take it from there. Ensure that you get plenty of exercise, time to relax, and time to catch up with your friends. All of this would help you not feel fatigued after two days of playing.

Daily Exercise

This is something that some of the biggest Esports organisations have been adhering to recently. They have even brought in special gym trainers for their players so that they can exercise daily and keep a check on their health. If you keep on playing throughout the day and do not pay much attention to your body, then there is a high chance that you might fall sick often. This would in turn have an effect on your Tournament performance. A lot of Esports organisations have tried to make their players fit and healthy by assigning nutritionists who assign them diets according to their body types. Therefore, it is nothing less than professional athletes training now.

Credits to Keeping your body healthy is a must! 

Practice Time

This is something that every player has to follow. Your favourite Esports player does not only play for 3–4 hours per day. They have to go somewhere for about 8 hours at least. Yet, they also need to keep changing things up to avoid monotony. A lot of gamers stream every few days for a couple of hours, and that gives them that fresh outlook on their gaming practice. Anyway, a typical gaming practise would look something like this: the first couple of hours, the player would be solo queuing or playing with randoms to get all warmed up. They would then join their team and warm-up for a few minutes before beginning their scrims. The whole team would be playing the scrims for quite a couple of hours. This is how most professional teams practise daily.

Credits to Unsplash. You will have to practice some 8 hours a day.

All of this takes immense dedication, and one needs to be extremely focused, even on the bad days. Of course, there will be days when you feel like not playing at all, and want to just play on your own or something like this. However, though you need to keep yourself focused most of the time, you can give yourself some time off between all the strenuous hours of playing to bring your head into the game.

Having a Life Outside

This is another important thing that you have to take note of. Once you are done with your practise and everything, you will have to unwind yourself. This is where you just shut down your PC and hang out with your roommates, parents, friends, or anyone you feel like. This is quite necessary. A lot of professional gamers advise against playing any different games too. This prevents your brain from relaxing, and whatever practise you did would be gone to waste. The best way to unwind after an intense practise session is to play some music, lie on your bed, and let your body relax to the utmost. You can even go for a light walk to keep your mind fresh and you will get a bit of cardio done too. Whatever you do, do not go near your PC or your gaming console anymore.

Credits to DepositPhotos. Hanging out with friends is also important.

Bed Time

This falls under the category of making a routine or schedule for the day, and we cannot emphasise this more. You need to follow a strict bedtime routine. You have to make sure that your eyes, mind, and body all get a good amount of rest. As we all know, the human brain needs some 7-8 hours of sleep a day, so you will make sure that you get that. For this, calculate when you should go to sleep and when you should wake up in the morning. If you go to sleep at 11 PM, you can wake up at 6 AM easily. Additionally, you should follow the 3-2-1 method for your sleep. No more food 3 hours before bed, no more work 2 hours before bed, and no electronic devices 1 hour before bed. You are bound to fall asleep peacefully without any problem.

Credits to Verywell Mind. Make sure to get a solid 7-8 hours of sleep a day.

End Thoughts

These were some of the tips and some pointers with the help of which you can easily train like a professional Esports player. All these points here basically indicate the fact that you need to have a healthy lifestyle to keep your life on track so that you don’t fall sick during your important tournaments and leagues.

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