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How did Kyle Geirsdorf aka Bugha make $3 million from his very first Fortnite tournament?

Case Study Aug 14, 2022

Fortnite has been evolving as one of the most popular Esports globally. Kyle Geirsdorf aka Bugha is one of the best players of Fortnite in the world. In this blog, we'll look at Bugha’s journey in the Esports world and how he managed to secure a position on global leaderboards.

Kyle’s early life

Kyle Giersdorf is an American professional Esports gamer and competitor better known by his gaming moniker, Bugha. He became well-known after winning the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. Giersdorf, a native of Pennsylvania, became interested in gaming very early in life. Giersdorf was given the nickname "Bugha" by his grandfather when he was a little boy. His father, who is a gamer too, initially made him aware of Fortnite by telling him about the "Save the World" game mode.

Credits to Bugha at Fortnite World Cup

Bugha’s journey in the gaming industry

Kyle began playing Fortnite when it was released in 2017 and has since improved to become one of the top solo gamers in the entire world. He has said that he plays the game for six to eight hours every day in order to keep an advantage over other gamers.

Giersdorf inked a contract with the Esports organization Sentinels on March 25, 2019, to join their Fortnite team after playing with team No Clout. Giersdorf qualified for and participated in the inaugural Fortnite World Cup, which was held from July 26 to July 28, 2019. He participated in the Solos competition on the 28th. Giersdorf had the opportunity to compete in 6 games against the other 99 players who had also qualified. Giersdorf ultimately won with 59 points, nearly tripling second-place finisher Psalm's 33 points. Kyle got a prize for $3,000,000.

Epic Games gave Giersdorf an in-game skin of his likeness in July 2021 as part of Fortnite's Icon Series. Other figures, such as football player Neymar and streamer Ninja, also have in-game skins.

During the inaugural Fortnite World Cup, Kyle Giersdorf delivered a domineering performance to win the top prize and has become a mainstream sensation. He is active on various platforms of social media, including Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Bugha's first Esports tournament

Kyle began playing Fortnite when it was released in 2017 and has since improved to become one of the top solo gamers in the entire world.

Credits to PC Gamer. Bugha on the Jimmy Fallon show‌

How did Bugha make a fortune from gaming?

If someone tells you that gaming is not a source of earning revenue, then you should look at people such as Bugha. He made a fortune from gaming at such a young age. It only proves the fact that if you're skilled and talented, you'll always stand out in your field. Let's take a look at how Bugha made a ransom amount of money from gaming:

Highlights from Kyle's gaming journey

  • After winning his first Fortnite World Cup, Bugha bagged prize money of $3 million.
  • As per statistics, Geirsdorf made more money than Tiger Woods made from winning the 2019 Masters Tournament.
  • As of 2022, His Net Worth is estimated to be around $2 million USD.
  • He won the Best Esports Athlete award at The Game Awards in 2019.
  • At present, Bugha is ranked #21 in highest overall earnings, and #1 in highest earnings for players from the United States.

Teams Bugha has been a part of

In 2018, Kyle signed a contract with Clout and played for them for over a year.

Later in 2019, Giersdorf inked a contract with the Esports organization Sentinels on March 25, 2019, to join their Fortnite team. He has been a part of Sentinels since then and currently plays for them.

Credits to sentinels. Bugha extends his contract with sentinels

Does Bugha plan on making Esports his career?

As he started getting into Fortnite, he watched other players' streams in order to improve. However, this inspired him to try streaming himself, and so he decided to try it out in May 2018. He then grinded 6-hours a day outside of school in order to improve and in the hopes of being noticed by a team. His rankings improved so that he was signed on with the Setinels in March 2019. His big break came when he qualified for and won the Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals, which saw him walking away with an extra $3 million USD in his pocket. This shows his determination and passion for his game and that is what helped him reach the position he is at today and he is planning to continue doing it in the coming time. As of now, he is still competing in Fortnite Tournaments.

We hope this blog provided you an insight into Kyle’s journey in the Esports world.

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