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How can investing in Esports improve your future?

Case Study May 18, 2022

Esports have been on the rise for quite some time now, and they keep getting more popular by the day. The first instance where even ordinary people became aware of how big Esports is getting was when the League of Legends World Championship started to get an almost similar number of views as the Superbowl. Along with this, the pandemic played a major role in the growth of the Esports industry too! The advent of blockchain technology, along with the Metaverse and the NFTs, has now opened doors for investing in the Esports industry. In today’s blog, we will be learning how one can invest in Esports and how that is helpful for them.

How to Invest in Esports?

Before we get into other topics, this is something that we need to be clear about. Very few people have an idea regarding how to exactly invest in Esports, and how to yield the results successfully so that you do not incur a loss in the enterprise. Here are some of the ways through which you can invest in the field of Esports:

Esports Players

Gaming Area

On the second floor, in addition to the Elite Suite, there are two more medium-sized gaming areas for up to 10 people. There are also two rooms for 2-3 people each for smaller teams.

All gaming stations are equipped with high-quality hardware and professional gaming gear. To allow you to enjoy long but relaxed gaming sessions, each gaming station is equipped with a comfortable Noblechair and height-adjustable, "rage-safe" Leetdesks.
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If you have a small-scale business, then you can invest in an Esports player. You might wonder what good is going to come from investing in a player alone. Well, as mentioned before, Esports is a vast area, and here the players look forward to establishing themselves in their area. When the players are not playing tournaments, they are usually streaming on either Twitch or Youtube. If you manage to be the sponsor for some of these players, your brand will automatically get a lot of recognition. There have been multiple brands that got famous just because they had been endorsed by famous streamers. Hence, if you want to invest in an Esports player, you need to find out who would go along with your brand and also have a suitable amount of following that would cater to your type of audience.

Esports Teams

Credits to Dot Esports. Sentinels is one of the popular Esports teams.

Now, this is quite similar to investing in a sports team. You might have noticed that there are huge companies that manage to sponsor the big teams in any given sport, and in turn, they not only advertise the products but also manage to have their logo printed on their jersey. You can also do the same with any Esports team. They do have their levels. If you invest quite close to the brands who have given them the majority of their sponsorships, you might get them to put your logo on their jersey. This will bring your brand tons of recognition. It would help your brand grow more if the team you are investing in goes for plenty of tournaments, not only in the regional area but also on a national and international scale.

Esports Events

Credits to DHL. One of the most popular Esports events.

This is an extremely huge investment, and the returns are pretty massive too. Though you might feel it is a bit risky to invest in an Esports event, which would cost you a lot. This is something that the big companies go for. For example, the latest League of Legends European Championship was sponsored by Kia Motors. However, this does not mean you cannot invest in an Esports event until you become a big shot. Numerous regional and local Esports events will occur around you. You will find some Esports platforms on Twitch or YouTube hosting a tournament or event. You can start by sponsoring these small tournaments or events, which would give you a better understanding of how things should be done.

Esports Platforms

Credits to Tournafest. Tournafest is our own Esports platform

This is quite similar to the previous point. We were talking about how you can invest in an Esports event or tournament in your region or locality. However, sponsoring an event or tournament is very different from sponsoring a platform. Of course, we are not asking you to collaborate with Twitch or ESPL. However, there are plenty of Esports platforms that try to host tournaments and events on a regional and local basis. Though this is a sort of long-term investment, if you are supporting a platform that has either just begun or is on the rise, then it will take some time before you get the results that you are hoping for.

If you are thinking of being an Esports player, why not download the Tournafest app from Google Play or the App Store to compete in Esports Tournaments and Scrims for games such as BGMI, Free Fire MAX, and Call of Duty and win exciting prizes! You may also organize tournaments and fetch unmatched perks.

Upcoming Esports players

Credits to Wikipedia. Arcadia Knights is one of those University Esports teams. 

A lot of companies have taken the initiative to sponsor gaming universities or courses so that the students can get a proper chance to get into the field of Esports. For the time being, only gaming companies or brands related to gaming sponsor these institutions, but even if your brand is not related to gaming, you can still contribute to their funding and sponsorship. You can also open up new opportunities for future students by promising them a spot on the esports team that you are sponsoring. All of this could be a closely related business model, and before you know it, you will be investing in almost all the aspects of Esports, and getting high returns too!

Investing alone is insufficient.

The first rule of investing is to conduct extensive research on the market in which you intend to invest. Hence, just getting into the market for Esports will not be enough. You will need to know what would cater to the Esports audience and how it would benefit both you and the company in which you are investing. Both parties need to stand at a similar point of view to keep the profits coming in. Hence, the first step before getting into investing has to know all about the market, and also the company where you will be investing in.

Now, it doesn't always mean that you are investing in Esports brands, which means that your brand must be related to gaming. Your products could be about anything, starting from snacks to cosmetics, and you still get to invest in the market. All you have to make sure of is that your products are worth it and that you stand on the same platform as the brand you are investing in.

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