CS: Go is the game you got to excel, to get better at other FPS games.

Credits to Esports Edition. CS: Go is the game you got to excel, to get better at other FPS games.

How can I become a better support player in CS: GO?

Strategy Aug 1, 2022

In this blog, we are going to get into how to become a better support player in CS: GO.

There are different types of players in CS: Go, and though there are no strict markings of these roles and players, when you get into the team, you automatically get to assume these roles, otherwise, it becomes tough for the team to get points. One such role is that of a support player. Now you might be curious about who a support player is and how you can be better at it. Well, we are here to guide you through the whole process, so follow the blog thoroughly!

What is a support player?

Credits to PC Gamer. Getting into the site first.

Before we get into any further details regarding how you can be a better support player, let us get into what exactly a support player, is and who we can call a support player. As the name suggests, a player who will support the team throughout is considered a support player. This means that all you need to do as a support player is help your team, and help the individual players carry out their own roles. You have to make sure that you help the players enter the site, and the people who are going to attack might get the help they need. Basically, you need to keep an eye out for everyone. Now, that we are clear as to what makes a player a supporting one, let us get into the tips and tricks through which you can be a better support player.

Tips and Tricks to Become a Better Support Player

Without wasting further time, let us get into all the tips and tricks to becoming a better support player:

Help your Entry Player

As we mentioned before, there are different roles assigned to different teammates. Some of the people in your team could be good entry fraggers, and they always need the maximum support. They are going to enter the site first and will need someone else to look out for them. Because when you are entering a site, you need to be extremely careful about every nook and corner. Your role would be to get in with them, not to kill enemies, or haunt them down, but to protect them, and make sure that you rely on all the information from the other players in the team. This will help everyone to get inside a site, and also to know which are the safe spots, and from where the enemies can attack.

Credits to Youtube. Entering into the site.

However, just because we said that you are not going there to kill the enemies, does not mean that you become a completely passive one. There would be quite a lot of times when the entry fragger might miss a shot or two at the enemies, and then you might have to take in his place, and ensure that the enemy does not get his chance to make the kill. All of this requires a lot of aim and patience. You need to have a present sense of mind to take in places and make quick decisions.

Develop your gaming sense.

Another thing that you need to train hard for is to develop your gaming sense as much as possible. That means that you need to have a good knowledge of every map you are going to play, you must be aware of every corner where the enemies could camp, how to defend a site, and also how to retake the site. A support player can also act as an IGL, and you will have to keep on getting the information, and putting all the 2s and 2s together to come up with solutions. It could be that the enemies did not give your team much information. This means that either they are camping very hard, or they are at a different site. You have to assess all their game styles from the previous rounds and come up with a decision on whether you are going to put on the site, or take your chances with the other site. All of this needs to come from you, as the other players will be busy doing tasks based on their roles.

Credits to Elecpso. This is the classic map of CS: Go.

You will also need to give orders to the others when you are coming up with a strategy or tactic. If your team keeps playing predictably, then there are lower chances of you winning the game. Hence, it is up to you to give that support to the team from the back, by assessing and coming up with various tactics. However, as a support player, you are either going to play with the entry fragger or you are going to be playing backwards.

Helping with the Economy

Credits to Leetify Blog. Economy has to be sacrificed for support players.

This is another thing that you have to do. When you find that the economy of the team is getting low, or the best players in your team or the entry fraggers in your team do not have enough money to buy proper weapons and shields, you have to sacrifice your economy for them. If you have enough money, you have to buy them the weapons or the shield so that they can push and attack the enemies, or retake their condition, and try to grow the team’s economy. However, as a support player, you are expected to go for the minimum, just be there for the support. Hence, as a support player, you need to be quite aware of how to play with various weapons because you never know how low you have to settle for. If you die, you still have to try to be the IGL for the team and go on.

Knowing your Utility

Credits to Gameplay tips. CS: GO smokes and pop flashes. 

Now that you have almost sacrificed your weapons, you will have to play with something. This is where your utility comes in. Usually, support players are known for knowing how to line up with smoke grenades, pop flashes, and Molotovs. This means that you have to mostly spend your economy on these, and then know all the small crooks and corners where your enemies could be hidden. Using smoke grenades or pop flashes, you can also help your entry fraggers get inside the site. Using the Molotov, you can even restrict the enemies from pushing further, thereby giving you an added advantage. The whole team would be dependent on you to come up with the lineups, which would be effective enough to do considerable damage to the enemies.


There were some tips and tricks to becoming a better support player in CS: GO. Above these tips would be to keep on practising, and trying to get better in your aim and gaming sense. All of this together would help you to become a better player overall.

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