Difference between gaming laptop and normal laptop. Picture Courtesy: Laptop Mag

Difference between gaming laptop and normal laptop. Picture Courtesy: Laptop Mag

How are gaming laptops different from normal working laptops?

Community Aug 18, 2022

Gaming laptops and normal business laptops serve two different purposes. The distinction between the two types of laptops is clearly in the hardware.


  • Normal laptops are used mainly for office work, such as sending emails.
  • Gaming laptops have many additional hardware components absent from a normal computer.

Gaming laptops are powerful, high-performance electronic devices primarily utilized for demanding tasks like video editing or gaming. These programs strain a laptop's hardware to the breaking point. Gaming laptops are designed to endure this kind of strain on their parts. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, in the end, the users need to determine the kind of laptop they should purchase.

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Differences in Gaming Laptops and Normal Laptops


Design of Gaming Laptops and Normal Laptops. Picture Courtesy: Laptop Mag

Regular business laptops have a compact and elegant appearance. These laptops' exteriors have a smooth finish, making them appropriate for use in an office setting. Standard laptops have more portable designs and frames since they are often lighter and smaller. Primary ports for USB connections, headphone jacks, HDMI cables, etc., are standard on most computers. It has more compact battery packs since typical laptops are often smaller.

Robust frames and mechanical designs are added to gaming laptops to improve their visual appeal. These laptops are heavier because they have more high-performance components. RGB lights are often used to adorn gaming computers. More ports are available for connecting various gaming accessories.


The processor of Gaming Laptops and Normal Laptops. Picture Courtesy: Laptop Mag

By examining the kind of CPU, it is possible to determine if a laptop is designed for demanding applications like gaming or video editing or simple ones like word processing. Although both processors seem the same initially, they have distinct internal structures and functions. They may understand the difference by comparing the processor suffixes.

This processor's suffixes reveal the outcome! Due to their low power consumption, common laptop CPUs cannot produce high clock speeds. These CPUs are excellent for doing routine computing tasks. Nevertheless, these CPUs are unsuitable for running demanding software programs on your laptop.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

The RAM of Gaming Laptops and Normal Laptops. Picture Courtesy: Laptop Mag

A computer's short-term memory is called random access memory, or RAM. Running applications in a computer or laptop are kept in RAM because retrieving information from RAM is quicker for a computer than retrieving data from your laptop's hard drive.

On the other hand, because gaming laptops run many programs at once, an entry-level gaming laptop often includes 8GB of RAM. Many of today's graphically demanding video games, including Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Forza Horizon, etc., need 6-8GB of RAM. Many individuals use 8GB to 16GB RAM to play video games without latency. Besides, RAM is used by various programs in addition to video games. The RAM is also used by several other background programs, including operating systems, antivirus software, and others. Some high-end gaming laptops have video RAM, often known as VRAM or video RAM, in addition to RAM. VRAM is explicitly designed for the perfect performance of graphics displays.

Graphics Card

 Graphic card for laptops. Picture Courtesy: Laptop Mag

The electrical component in charge of rendering graphical data is a graphics card, video card, or GPU Graphics Processing Unit. This physical component's primary function is to take information from the CPU and transform it into visual data that can be seen on a computer display. The graphics card in a regular laptop and the graphics card in a gaming laptop are pretty different. We shall examine such distinctions in this section. In most laptops, the graphics card is integrated into the CPU and shares RAM with the CPU. Its power and efficiency are thus minimal. These graphics cards can only support simple graphical data activities like playing movies and Powerpoint presentations.

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The Graphics Processing Unit, or GPU, is a graphics card used in gaming laptops. Compared to a typical laptop's integrated graphics card, these GPUs are far more potent and operate quicker since they employ independent VRAM. These specialized graphics cards can run graphically demanding games, produce 3D scenes, render photos or videos in-depth, etc.

Cooling System

Cooling System for laptops. Picture Courtesy: Laptop Mag

Cooling solutions are essential for all laptop components to operate at their ideal temperature. Both standard and gaming laptops include cooling systems, but there are important distinctions. The heavy-duty components in gaming laptops generate much more heat than standard laptops, so they need a more robust cooling system. The CPU and GPU of a gaming laptop are primarily responsible for heat production. To maintain the ideal temperature for the laptop components, gaming laptops include several fans, wide air vents, and heat sinks. Some gaming laptops use the cutting-edge vapour chamber cooling system, which is becoming increasingly popular daily, instead of traditional heat pipes.

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Since regular laptops don't generate as much heat as gaming laptops, they don't feature vapour chambers. The CPU is a typical laptop's leading generator of heat. It can be kept cool with only one fan, a tiny heat sink, and air vents. Some models don't even have any fans. Those laptops depend on natural air circulation to keep their internal parts cold. Those laptops are more lightweight and silent since there is one little extra component.

Battery Life

A laptop is getting charged. Picture Courtesy: Laptop Mag

When determining whether to purchase a gaming or a conventional laptop, battery life is a crucial element that must be considered. The batteries used in both laptops have the same chemical makeup, although they vary in size. Lithium-ion or lithium-polymer (LiPo) batteries are used in modern gaming laptops and standard business laptops. These batteries feature inbuilt circuits that stop them from being overcharged. Gaming laptops are electrically demanding gadgets. Power is used quickly during graphics-intensive tasks like gaming or video editing. Because of this, gaming laptops feature bigger battery packs than standard laptops. However, even with big battery packs, gaming laptops can operate for 6 to 8 hours when under intensive usage. Experts also suggest they should always hook gaming laptops to a power source for best performance.

In comparison, regular laptops' battery back is more minor than gaming laptops. However, most laptops are relatively energy-efficient. That explains why the laptops don't use a lot of power. Despite having tiny battery packs, a typical fully charged battery pack of a regular notebook may power the computer for up to 12 hours.


Any electronic device's lifespan mainly relies on the user. Both gaming and regular laptops may last a very long with proper maintenance. Standard laptops are designed for simple activities like PowerPoint presentations and word processing. Regular laptops will endure for a very long time if they are just used for this reason. On the other hand, if one attempts to play high-graphics video games on a typical business laptop, the laptop's performance would rapidly decline.

How often a laptop is cleaned will determine how long it lasts. Dust builds up in the air vents and other laptop parts over time, which causes the device to overheat. Many laptop components may suffer lasting damage from this heat. It must be cleaned regularly, whether a standard laptop or a gaming laptop. A gaming laptop is thus more likely to live longer than a regular laptop due to its heavy-duty components if we compare the features of both types of laptops. A gaming laptop may still be utilized for daily tasks even if its performance suffers. A typical laptop, however, becomes worthless if it slows down.

Price Comparison

The primary determining element when purchasing any goods is the price. The cost of these two different types of laptops varies significantly. Gaming laptops are designed to do difficult, graphically demanding jobs like gaming, video editing, 3D rendering, programming, etc. As a result, it contains more hardware than a typical laptop. The additional components make gaming laptops somewhat pricey. The retail price for a basic gaming laptop is 56,000. There is almost no chance you will get an excellent gaming laptop for less than 80,000. They may purchase a typical business laptop for as little as 10,000. A few more costly variants come with different features. However, due to the variety of pricing, standard laptops are affordable for most people.

Standard business laptops and gaming laptops have two different uses. The hardware of the two kinds of laptops clearly distinguishes them from one another. Gaming laptops include a lot of extra hardware not present in a standard computer. A gaming laptop's additional hardware components allow it to do graphics-intensive tasks like playing high-resolution video games, producing 3D models, simulating virtual reality, creating graphics, etc. These are strenuous activities that a typical laptop cannot do.

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