Club Memberships are going to be extremely useful for the organisers.

Credits to Tournafest. Club Memberships are going to be extremely useful for the organisers.

How are Club Memberships Useful For Clubs?

Community Aug 14, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into why the club memberships at Tournafest is the next big thing for the Esports organisers!

If you have seen the recent updates or features on Youtube or Twitch, then you most definitely have already seen the feature called Membership, or Subscribers, who get special content from the people. Well, we have some amazing news for you. We are introducing Club Memberships for Organizers in Tournafest! Yes, now you can try to create club memberships for your special members. In this blog, we will go through the benefits of club memberships, and how you can use them. Let us get into all the details and offers that Tournafest has to offer!

What are Club Memberships?

Credits to Tournafest. Ways to create a club.

Let us get into the main topic first. What are the exact club subscriptions? Well, we are quite sure that you have seen certain content creators on Youtube and Twitch having separate subscriptions and memberships, which their fans can buy or subscribe to with a certain amount of money, that can be paid monthly or annually, to support them. They get tons of benefits like special content, emotes, and access to a lot of content, that normal fans or viewers cannot. This is what exactly is club subscriptions!

As an organizer in Tournafest, you can now create club memberships for some of your best members, and fans, who are going to support you throughout, and will be your biggest cheerleaders!

What are the benefits of Club Memberships?

You might be feeling that it would be a waste of time to just join. But well, you are about to see why this could be your other source of income! Here are all the benefits and perks you will be getting:

More Subscribers!

This is the best way for you to attract more subscribers to your club if you manage to offer tons of benefits or perks to your audience. If the gamers find them coming within their budget, or feel it is worth it to invest in, they are definitely going to go for the membership, thereby increasing your club membership. Additionally, with the introduction of this feature, the gamers will be curious to find out which clubs can they buy the memberships to, and would end up at least following tons of clubs. This means that you are getting more followers and more reach too!

Loyal Supporters

As the gamers are paying money to you, they will be expecting that you are going to give them better content, tournaments and such. However, they are also going to support you throughout all the tournaments. Even if you are going through a difficult time, you are going to have some source of income. Even coming up with some tournaments once in a while would take you a long way.

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An Extra Source of Income

This is another good benefit. This means that even when you are not hosting any tournaments or events, you are still getting a steady source of income from your supporters, There is no harm if you can easily earn some money, while you are just planning on your next venture idea!

No Platform Fees

This is a benefit that is for a limited time only! To avail of this feature, you will need to grab the Early Bird Offer as soon as possible.

What is the Early Bird Offer?

Now you might be wondering what exactly is the Early Bird Offer is. Well, we at Touranfest appreciate the early birds who come to get the worm! Hence, we have a limited-time-only offer for the clubs who want to start their club memberships. Once the clubs avail themselves of this offer, they will no longer have to pay their platform fees. This has its very own benefits.

The major benefit is that you will no longer have to pay us 20% of your monthly earnings, from our platform, and you can use our app at its full potential without having to worry about any expenses. This is quite a deal, and we are sure that you are more than excited to get into it!

How to Create the Club Memberships?

Now you might be curious as to how you can create the Club Membership Subscription Plans. Do not worry, we have got you! Follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Credits to Tournafest. Templates to choose from.

First, you have to enter the Club Membership Plan that you want to offer to the gamers. We already have a few templates for this Plan, and you can select either of those. Or if you still do not feel satisfied, then you can definitely try to customize your own package!

Step 2

Credits to Tournafest. You can select how many levels you will have.

Next, you have to choose the different levels in the membership and the perks your subscribers will be getting with these memberships.

Step 3

Now all you got is enter these details:

Credits to Tournafest. You have to just enter details. 

Step 4

Credits to Tournafest. The Plan is under review.

And you are almost done. All you got to do now is submit your plan, and wait for it to get reviewed. Once it is reviewed and passed by us, you can now have your very own Club Membership!

So what are you waiting for?

Make sure to grab all the exciting Early Bird Offer, and start your very own Club Membership Subscriptions right now!

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