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House of Gaming and IndiGG will collaborate to organize Web3 Gaming Tournaments in India!

Newsroom Apr 30, 2022
IndiGG, the renowned play-to-earn gaming center, has unveiled its latest collaboration with House of Gaming.
Why is Web3 an exciting thing in the video game market?
Their plans regarding Web3

IndiGG, the renowned play-to-earn gaming center, has unveiled its latest collaboration with House of Gaming, the organization behind IGL, aka the Indian Gaming League, one of India's largest Esports platforms.

The company made the announcement via its Substack, revealing that the two platforms will eventually join efforts to make both online and offline Web3 gaming championships across India.

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Web3 is one of the more exciting niches in the video game industry right now, and many enthusiasts have reservations about the play-to-earn approach. However, firms like IndiGG think that they are on the verge of the next big gaming revolution, which is why it is critical for them to build the ecosystem by incorporating fans and players into tournaments.

So far, IndiGG has managed to create a vast environment for Web3 to flourish in India thanks to initiatives such as Game Gods and Hefty Games, also with the assistance of House of Gaming, and their current partnership to offer gaming tournaments appears to be their most significant to date.

With the IGL, IndiGG will be hoping to conduct a slew of Esports events and gaming tournaments for blockchain-based titles in a country with millions of gamers, which, according to IndiGG's Business Head Abhishek Anand, will be a significant step for Web3 to become even more popular in India.

They are overjoyed to be working with IGL because the partnership will be critical in scaling up various web3 titles in the Indian gaming environment. They will collaborate with IGL to stage some of the largest web3 gaming events in India, both offline and online. Furthermore, the organization will provide a transparent platform for gamers to recognize their achievements.

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Yash Pariani, Founder and CEO of House of Gaming, elaborated on his company's collaboration with IndiGG, saying:

Given that the Indian video game industry is thriving, the introduction of play-to-earn videogames into the market will only promote the mainstream acceptance of these games. As demonstrated by Axie Infinity, P2E (play to Earn games), as demonstrated by Axie Infinity, is still in its early phases, but given the current rate of acceptance, they anticipate a significant increase in the acceptance of these games throughout the Indian market. This collaboration with Indigg aligns with their objective of advancing the blockchain gaming market. Their collaboration with IndiGG will strive to educate and enroll gamers in the new gaming frontier. They anticipate that this will result in an explosive increase in this category.

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