Tournaments are the building blocks of an Esports career.

Credits to Unsplash. Tournaments are the building blocks of an Esports career. 

Higher Rated Tournaments vs Lower Rated Tournaments: Which is Better?

Community Sep 17, 2022

In this blog, we will be looking at the benefits of both the higher rated and the lower rated tournaments.

If you are an Esports professional player or aiming to be one, you definitely know the value of Esports tournaments. There are various categories of tournaments. If you look at Liquedipedia, you will notice that all the tournaments are usually put into categories like A-tier, B-tier, C-tier, etc. All of these are made on the basis of either prize money, or if they are hosted or organised by the gaming company. Hence, in today’s blog, we will be looking at what is the difference between lower and higher-rated tournaments, and also how can you benefit from them?

What are High Rated Tournaments?

Now the first thing that you got to think about is what exactly is a high-rated tournament? Well, to go by the basic definition is that a high-rated tournament is usually the one where most of the pros take part, or it is hosted by some well-known Esports organisation or company. Also, when the prize pool is extremely high, the tournament is considered to be quite a high-rated one.

Credits to Riot Games. World Championship League of Legends.

Usually, the high-rated ones are followed and watched by more people and the community usually keeps their eyes glued to these tournaments. Some of the examples of these high-rated tournaments are VCT Championships (Valorant), The International (Dota 2), Fortnite World Cup, etc, and all such.

What are Low-Rated Tournaments?

On the contrary, these low-rated tournaments where tournaments are usually held by Esports organisations who are hoping to make it big in the industry. The prize pool of the tournament might not be that high and you will find that these tournaments usually are held on a very small scale. However, this does not mean that they are to be diminished. You cannot expect to have ahead start in the higher-rated tournaments. Everyone has to start off from the lower-rated tournaments. The Esports players do so, so that they can see if they are ready for the world or not, and even for the Esports organisations as they gain popularity by constantly hosting all the tournaments.

Which of the tournaments are better?

Now coming to the main question: What is the benefit of the lower-rated tournaments and the higher-rated tournaments?

If you look into it, you will of course find that the higher-rated tournaments are going to be more beneficial. Here are the reasons why:

Most of the higher-rated tournaments are usually hosted by popular Esports organisations or companies. For example, the VCT Championships gets hosted by Riot Games themselves, who are the creators and developers of Valorant. They also host the World Championships for League of Legends which is their reaction too. Hence, if you are a participant of that Esports tournaments, you are bound to get noticed by other Esports organisations and you can also manage to gather a huge audience for your solo career, or career after you quit professional gaming. It comes with a lot of fame.

VCT Champions is hosted by Riot Games.
Credit to AFK Gaming. VCT Champions is hosted by Riot Games.

Massive Prize Pool

As most of the higher-rated ones are hosted by popular organisations and companies, you can be assured that the prize pool will be massive! Usually, most of the prize pools range from crores or even millions! The more popular the game is, and the Esports, or the company, the more will be the prize pool. This is the sole reason how Esports players like Bugha and Notail had managed to become millionaires by just playing tournaments!

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Noticed by the Community

You must have noticed by now that the high-rated tournaments are usually followed by the community members. Hence, if you take part in the higher tournaments, you are bound to be more popular and well known in the community. Therefore, if you want to get more popularity, then you should definitely go for the higher rated tournaments.

Credits to Gurugamer. Massive audiences at LAN events.

If you are now wondering that lower rated tournaments are not that helpful then you are completely wrong. Lower rated tournaments have the following benefits:


Well, the first reason why you should go for the lower rated tournaments is that you will have to keep on practicing. When you are just starting out, you will have to practice playing in the competitive scene, and hence, it is always advisable to join in during the lower rated tournaments.

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Rising up the Ranks

When you are going to start out on the journey, then you are going to make sure that you get to participate in as many of the lower ranked tournaments as possible. This will give you expertise, and the more lower ranked tournaments you win, the easier it will be to get noticed by Esports organisations who will take you in, and eventually get you to reach the higher rated tournaments!


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Hence, both the tournaments are equally important for the rise and career of an Esports professional, and should be given equal importance. If you do not go through the lists of low rated tournaments, then you will never be able to make it through to the higher rated once. Hence, make sure to give it all in all the tournaments, and achieve your dreams!

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