Valorant Champions 2022 will be held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Credits to Yahoo News. Valorant Champions 2022 will be held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Have you seen TenZ and Shroud in the recent Valorant music video?

Newsroom Aug 26, 2022

In this blog, we will help you find out all the popular Valorant players in the recent music video.

The recent music video had tons of Valorant players that were featured.
If you missed out on it, we are going to help you out!

Riot is one of the game companies that makes sure to hype up their fan base and audience before they get started on any upcoming major events or tournaments, and they have done so this time too! Recently, they released a new music video for the Valorant Champions 2022, and the fans were more than hyped about it. It dropped without any warning, and the fans were quite shocked. The production of the video was impeccable again, and people kept watching and re-watching the video.

What is the music video about?

If you are a huge Valorant Lore fan and try to follow almost everything they post, then you must know that Riot releases a Valorant Champions music video right before they start the championship, and so the same thing has happened this year too! This year's music video is named “Fire Again”, and has followed the same animation style as the previous year’s video, “Die For You." Though many fans had found tons of lore significance in Die For You, the same cannot be said for Fire Again.

The song has been sung by Ashniko, and hence it gives a really good mix of the beats and the lyrics. The feel of the song has that competitive feel where it is the end, you either survive or perish. There isn’t much story to the video this time, except quite a few agents have been shown trying to fight their enemies in various post-apocalyptic worlds.

Why is the music video so special?

Well, one of the reasons why the music video is so hyped and special is that Riot has cleverly tried to incorporate some of the most well-known Valorant Esports players across the world into the video. As they are all animated, and there are a lot of actions going on in the video, it is totally fine if you missed it on the first watch.

Shroud as Chamber.
Credits to OneEsports. Shroud as Chamber.

There are a few fans who have managed to find proof that Riot has actually incorporated some of the best Valorant players in the video, and here is a list of them:

  • You will find Shroud right at the time stamp 0:56, and later on kind of blending with the agent Chamber.
  • Next you will find OPTC’s Yay as the agent Viper in 1:27.
  • At 1:40, you will find C9’s Mel.
  • Then there is DRX Stax at 1:58.
  • You will also find Sentonel’s Tenz at 2:29.
  • At 2:30, you will find ACE Starxo.
 OPTC Yay as Viper.
Credits to OneEsports. OPTC Yay as Viper.
  • Then at 2:31, there is C9 Kat.
  • Next is FNC Boaster, at 2:31.
  • LOUD’s Sacy is in 2:32.
  • PRX Benkai is at 2:32.
  • Then again, we have OPTC FNS at 2:49.
  • XIA Surf at 2:50.
  • TL Scream is in 2:52.
  • Also, C9 Xeppa is at 2:52.
  • Finally, we have TGRD Trent at 2:52.

Long story short, you will find all the players in the later half of the video in the running sequence. Hence, be alert when you reach the sequence, and you will be able to identify all!

Is there any other videos from Riot?

Right after the Valorant Champions 2022 music video, Riot has also come up with another Valorant Champions 2022 video, where they give out the details of the upcoming tournaments.

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