Guide To Being A Successful Gamer| Interview: Viper (Free Fire)

Interview Jan 24, 2022

Tips To Become A Successful Gamer | Interview: Viper (Free Fire)

What is better than securing your future or at least your present in something you love doing? Absolutely Nothing!

In the approaching future, that’ll be automated; only those people will persist, who are doing something unique & something they relish doing. Because the future will not be for the 9 to 5 ones but the ones who’re hustling 24x7 to make their place among the top achievers. So, tip for the day: ‘try building your future in something you love doing because that’s where you’ll put your heart & soul in.’

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In the second episode of Tournatalks, Tournafest’s Instagram Conversational Live, we invited one such guest over who is trying to secure his future in something he’s passionate about: ‘GAMING.’ We invited Mr. Satyam Thakur aka ‘Viper,’ who’s currently playing for Revenant esports as a Free Fire player. He’s previously played for ‘Head Hunters’ as a sniper, where he’s had some remarkable achievements. He was also a finalist for the Free Fire Pro League Summer 2021. In the session, many discussions were made related to esports, Free Fire, parent-child relationship, and gameplay techniques. Khushi from Team Tournafest hosted the live session. You can continue reading below to get a lot of FAQs as a gamer answered.

Q Viper, you have experience of over 2.5 years in gaming. It’s been a long time since you started. How has your journey been till now?

It’s been a hell of a ride! Well, I started with mobile gaming, used to participate in scrims & tournaments of different games, and with time, I eventually got into esports. In the start, I had to face a lot of disappoints, but gradually, everything came back on track, and now I’m trying to excel & expand. The disappointments in the start motivated me to do better increased my hunger to achieve better in life.

Q How did you get the name Viper?

I was a big undertaker fan from WWE, but that name was too big & not very appropriate for gaming. My second favorite was Randy Orton, whose nickname was Viper, hence my gaming name.

Q Which was the game you started playing initially? Why did you stick to Free Fire? If not Free Fire, which game you’d be playing right now?

The first online game I played was Clash Of Clans, which is common for most gamers. Although, my first mobile game was Subway Surfers, Temple Run, etc. I got so much into Free Fire because it was the game that I started getting involved in eSports with. If I had played PUBG first, I’d probably be playing that now.

Q You started at a pretty young age, as most gamers do. How was the relationship between you as a gamer & your parents at the start? How have things changed since then? Do you think the future of esports is bright & beneficial for gamers out there?

At the very start, there was no support from my family, of course, they had reasons on their part. They thought it was just for time-pass and fun. A few times, even my phone was snatched. When I saw no ray of hope from their side, I used the money I collected from playing Tournaments to purchase a smartphone for myself. I kept playing & participating in big tournaments & over time, I was able to prove it to my parents. Sometimes, even now, I’m told that there’s no stability/future in this area, but I know I can excel here, and I will do the same & prove it to everyone. Keeping in view, the spurt in the growth of esports, Yes, the future is bright but only for those who’re determined, passionate & people who want to achieve something in life.

Q How did you think of getting into eSports? Was it because of your friends’ influence or something else?

Well, there was no such influence from my friends' side. I used to participate casually in solo Tournaments conducted by small organizers, which helped me earn some amount as pocket money. Initially, I had no idea about the scope of eSports, but gradually I got into it, and now I’m loving the experience.

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Q Would you like to mention a few strategies you implemented in your gameplay that eventually helped you get better at it?

I was a student when I started my eSports journey & Covid wasn’t there yet, so I had to balance my studies and gaming equally. I was entirely committed and focused on each of the things at their respective time. Then, as Covid hit, things got easier, and not only me but most gamers got plenty of time. I want to suggest that you need to stay dedicated & focused on your target if you want to get better at it. Also, don’t try to copy the professional gamers’ styles, rather observe, try, analyze, practice, and eventually adopt their strategies into your gameplay.

QHow has your schedule been after being a Professional Gamer? How much time should one devote in a day to gaming?

Well, the schedule of most of the gamers is messed up, so is mine. I tried changing it and even took a New Year resolution but no improvements. Even if you devote five, ten, or even sixteen hours to gaming, it’ll only be fruitful if you stay focused altogether for the time period you’re playing, be it for two hours only. The time period won’t make much difference!

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Q How to find the ‘perfect’ teammates?

There’s no guide on finding the perfect teammates because for that, you’ll need to find people having the same mindset as you, which is very difficult. But, once you do build up a perfect team, you’ll surely be able to reach the top, of course, after lots of grinding & hustle.

Q What has been your greatest achievement till date?

In the Free Fire Esports Awards 2021, I was nominated in the ‘Sniper of the Year’ category. That, for me, has been the greatest achievement till date, for sure. It’s very little compared to what I have thought for the future, so I’ll keep hustling.

Q What are your short-term plans & the Ultimate Goal?

I need to increase my grinding time first, and then I plan to move on to Content Creation. I also plan on earning a trophy this year. So, this is what I have in mind for now, precisely, my short-term goals. My Ultimate Goal is to grab the title of ‘Sniper of the Year.’

Q How did you get recognized as a Sniper in the eSports industry?

In the beginning, when the team was initially formed, I used to focus on headshots. Keeping in view the latter, I switched from assault rifles to snipers. After that, I kept focusing on that & eventually adapted to it, which got me the current recognition I have.

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This was an analysis of the second episode of Tournatalks. Make sure to stay tuned to us for more informative blogs. Thanks for reading.

In the end, we’d like to wind up with these words,

“You’ll achieve anything & everything if you put in the right amount of effort required for the same, be it gaming or any other sector.”

Live it for gaming!



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