Blockchain Gaming is taking over the world right now!

Credits to Unsplash. Blockchain Gaming is taking over the world right now!

GTA Producer to Join another Blockchain Gaming Studio??

Newsroom Sep 15, 2022

In this blog, we will be talking about the reason hy the GTA Producer is planning on to join a Blockchain gaming studio!

GTA Producer, Dan Houser had left Rockstar Games back in 2020.
However, he had been qquite interested in Web3 & Blockchain Gaming.
This made him join hands with Revolving Games.

Blockchain Gaming and Web3 Gaming are some of the most trendy games right now. People have been flocking towards these games as it gives you an opening for earning while you are playing too This is truly quite a prospect to invest your time spent in gaming and having a good time while you are also making sure to earn money. As days are passing, many well-known companies are trying to get into blockchain games, and many are already proposing to join hands with other blockchain game companies to get into the web3 gaming world. In today’s news blog we will be looking at what Dan Houser is planning to do.

Who is Dan Houser?

For those who are wondering who is Dan Houser, well, to put it simply he was a member of the Rockstar Games till 2020. He was not just merely some worker, in fact, he was one of the best producers of the game, who had been involved in games like GTA, Bully, Red Dead Redemption Series, and Max Payne 3. All of these games have performed extremely well and had got overwhelming success and responses from the audience. So much so, that most of the games have series and are still going on for the high demand of the community.

Credits to PC Gamer. Dan Houser is one of the popular producers of Rockstar Games.

Dan Houser has been responsible for the success of these games, and even though he left the company on a good note, hence his interest in blockchain games has indeed raised people’s interest, and they are trying to understand what he is up to. Well, recently, he has informed of what he is on about, and apparently, he is getting involved with Revolving Games.

This video might interest you:

What is Revolving Games?

Now you might be confused as to what exactly is Revolving Games. Well, it is new gaming that has been coming up with Web3 and Blockchain Gaming ever since 2020. They have already managed to raise funding of $25 million, and it seems that they are not going to stop anytime soon. Dan Houser has recently revealed that he finds there is a huge success rate in Blockchain Gaming and Web3 Gaming, and this is what made him join Revolving Games.

Credits to LinkedIn. Revolving Games is a popular blockchain gaming studios.

There is also another reason why Houser has felt that he should join the Revolving Games and not any other Blockchain Gaming studios, and this is all because of their vision. Revolving Games is not only focused on web3 gaming, as most companies are. That means they are not that focused on selling NFTs and cryptos, however, they also give equal focus to the gaming experience also. This is quite necessary as many Web3 gaming companies will make only focus on NFTs, and such, and completely discard the gaming experience, which makes the whole thing extremely unenjoyable.

Some of the most popular games by Revolving Games are Battlestar Galactica and Skyborne Legacy. These games were also made in collaboration with popular gaming studios and companies, and have been extremely popular with the gaming community.

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