ChromeOS is their very own interface for the Google Chromebook

Credits to 9to5 Google. ChromeOS is their very own interface for the Google Chromebooks.

Google to bring in Brand new Changes to ChromeOS!

Newsroom Sep 6, 2022

In this blog, we will get into all the updates related to gaming that Google is trying to introduce in the ChromeOS version 105!

Google feels that their interface in Chromebooks has been criticised much from the gaming aspect.
Not only this, they will try to bring better game control supports in the games.
To give it a test, they will also introduce tons of new games.

It seems to be quite a good day for all the gamers across all the gaming devices, as Google will come up with something for their own Chromebooks. Android games are always extremely dependent upon the interface of the device that you are using. That is one of the main reasons why Android games have been crashing so much on Windows 11, as the interface was not super compatible with these games. However, Google, on their end, has managed to come up with a solution for their Chromebooks, which were always criticised for being not that compatible with Android games.

What is Google going to Introduce to the Chromebooks?

Well, this is not a new thing that Google is planning on introducing. They feel that the controls in the game always need to be as accurate as possible and that the gamers should be more realistic than ever while they are playing the games. Hence, they have decided to bring in certain developments in the system of ChromeOS, to make the touch-screen only games more easily accessible on the keyboard or the consoles in the interface. This will help the gamers to enjoy the game more, without feeling glitchy and uneasy.

You can now add your own controls in any device to play games.
Photo by Onur Binay / Unsplash. You can now add your own controls in any device to play games.

Google has been working on the aspects of ChromeOS ever since its release, and they have been trying to make it better in all aspects. One of the major downsides, or the part that has been ignored, was the gaming aspect. Now, they feel that they have to make sure that the interface is stable enough to support some strong games with good control sensitivity.

This video might interest you:

The new ChromeOS update, version 105, will be the one that brings in the game control support. This will help you to easily change your gaming controls for your keypad or console, whatever you are using, in a more efficient way. If they do manage to succeed, then we can say that Google will be getting better at trying to attract the gaming community with their Chromebooks. Also, with version 105, they are planning on dropping some new games with this game control support!

What new games is Google going to release?

Here are the lists of all the games that Google will be bringing on to Chromebooks:

Single Button Games

Credits to Youtube. Tap Titans 2.
  • Drop Stack Ball - Fall Helix Blast Crash 3D
  • Helix Smash
  • Stack Crush Ball
  • Crush Stack Ball Blast
  • Stack Fall
  • Helix Stack Jump: Smash Ball
  • Tap Titans 2

Multi Button Games

Credits to Steam. Power Hover.
  • Ninja Arashi 2
  • Ninja Arashi
  • Ninja warrior: legend of adventure games
  • Power Hover
  • Grimvalo

Swipe Games

  • 2048 (Androbaby)
  • 2048 Original
  • 2048 (Solebon LLC)
  • 2048 Number puzzle game
  • 2048 (S2Apps)

Joystick Games

Credits to Google Play. Archero.
  • Pixel Blade R - Revolution
  • Zombero: Archero Hero Shooter
  • Archer Hunter - Offline Action Adventure Game
  • Mr. Autofire
  • Archero
  • Heroics Epic Legend of Archero
  • Wizard Legend: Fighting Master

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