Credits to Dot Esports. GodLike Esports has made their very won Bootcamp!

GodLike Esports is going to have their very first GodLike Bootcamp

Newsroom Jul 9, 2022

Have you ever wanted to visit a Bootcamp that is made specifically by an Esports organisation? Previously, this was not possible in India because the esports market was not as popular in this country. However, with time, the market is growing and so are people, getting all the more excited about the new things that are introduced to the community. One such feature that has been recently getting the Indian Esports community so hyped up is because there is a GodLike Bootcamp that has been established!

Where is the GodLike Esports Bootcamp?

The GodLike Esports Bootcamp has been built in Mumbai, Maharashtra. If you are living in Mumbai, or near the city, make sure to check out the Bootcamp. GodLike Esports is gradually becoming one of the most popular and biggest Indian Esports organisations, and they have come up with the amazing idea of setting up a Bootcamp. The place looks amazing, and we have found some vlogs that will help you to better understand what it is going to look like:

What is a Bootcamp?

For those who are new to the community, and want to know what a Bootcamp is, well, we are here to help you out! So basically, a Bootcamp is a specific area for infrastructure that helps younger gamers to train or even for the general public to sometimes visit and get into all the fun activities that any gamer would enjoy. You can not only play games here, but also various activities that would help gamers to keep their minds fresh and tons of relaxing areas. It is a place for gamers, created by gamers to have a better gaming experience and to bring the gaming community closer.

More Details about the GodLike Esports Bootcamp

GodLike Esports has made certain that the bootcamp benefits everyone as much as possible. They had used 25,000 sq ft to build the whole Bootcamp, and people were more than excited to go there. They have made sure to include all the popular games, and the faculty for all the games will be housed in the very building. They are going to bring in the teams of BGMI, CODM, Free Fire, etc.

Credits to AnimationXpress. A sneak peek into the Bootcamp.

The Bootcamp has also made separate gaming rooms and streaming rooms for the content creators! This would give a better platform for the content creators to properly stream games and even make good-quality videos. The best part of the whole thing is that they are also bringing their pet dog, Max! There will be some 40+ teams in the Bootcamp.

There will be places like GodLike Arena, and also GodLike Cafe! You can even imagine the whole Bootcamp to be just a small town. A player will get anything they want inside, and might as well stay in there for the whole day. This is quite a good chance for the GodLike Esports teams under the organisation.

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