Credits to Xbox. This is the Marvel’s Avenger game that is available in Xbox.

Get Marvel Unlimited Free with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate!

Newsroom Mar 29, 2022


  • Get to know all about Marvel Unlimited, and why you should be interested in this deal.
  • Other Xbox Game Pass Plans that you might be interested in.
  • Price and offer date of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Marvel Ultimate offer.
  • The other perks that come with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.
Credits to Play Store. Xbox keeps collaborating with big franchises from time to time.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate always makes sure to surprise its fans with the most tempting offers throughout the year. Xbox Games is already an important platform for gamers who usually play a lot of different games, both on PC and on the Xbox Console. Hence, it is quite a good strategy on Xbox’s side to provide some additional perks to the people who get the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. However, there was a huge surprise recently — the Xbox One was revealed on March 22. It is collaborating with Marvel! This was quite a sudden surprise, and fans are bewildered at what is going to happen now.

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Before we delve into the news, let us clarify some of the concepts that not all of us might be clear about. So, Marvel is, of course, a huge franchise, and Marvel Unlimited is something for those who love to read comics. It is basically an internet storehouse for Marvel comic books. You will find here the very first comic book in the Marvel franchise, right up to the most recent one. There are also other Marvel tidbits. Hence, if you are quite deep into the Marvel franchise, and want to know more about it, we would recommend Marvel Unlimited as the way to go. There are about 29,000 Marvel comics in its archives right now!

Credits to Marvel. Marvel Unlimited is the ultimate destination for Marvel comics.

What is Xbox Games Pass Unlimited?

Xbox offers three types of plans for its users to enjoy gaming. There are three types of Game Pass: Console, PC Game Pass, and Game Pass Ultimate. Well, the first two plans become quite restrictive, as you have to be either a strictly console player or a PC player. This is quite inconvenient for those gamers who want to have the option of playing a game in both modes. Nonetheless, with Xbox Games Pass Unlimited, you get all the benefits of the Console Game Pass and PC Game Pass, and a lot more! You even get a lot of in-game perks and can also save your games to the cloud so that you can play them either from your PC or your mobile device.

Credits to Firstpost. Xbox Game Pass is the best subscription plan you can opt for.

Xbox Games Pass Unlimited also comes with Xbox Live Gold. This helps you to play console games at a multiplayer level, and also get the games that usually only Gold members can afford. Hence, getting the Xbox Games Pass Unlimited becomes the best option if you are going to get the Xbox Pass. Also recently, Microsoft has reduced the price of the Pass. Previously, it used to be ₹699 per month, but now it has come down to ₹499.

What is the Deal with the Xbox and Marvel Collaboration?

On March 22, Marvel and Xbox officially announced that they are collaborating, and now when you get the Xbox Games Pass Unlimited, you will also get a three-month free Marvel Unlimited subscription. This came as a surprise to both gamers and Marvel fans. Marvel Unlimited is available in India with a subscription pack of ₹740 (approximately) per month. Hence, if you are getting three months of Marvel Unlimited free with an Xbox Game Pass, then we would definitely call it a deal.

Unfortunately, this is not an unlimited offer. This offer is only available if you are subscribing to the Xbox Game Pass now or just recharging it. The offer will cease to operate on May 31. Hence, if you want to continue with this offer, then you have to get the subscription by the before-mentioned date. Also, you cannot avail of this offer if you already have a Marvel Unlimited active plan. One of the criteria is that you have to be new to Marvel Unlimited.

Credits to Marvel. All about the subscription plan.

What Else Does Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription Come With?

This is not the first time that there have been such sweet deals with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. There are tons of benefits and perks that you get. In fact, apart from Marvel Unlimited, Xbox is also giving away free subscriptions to Paramount+ for one month. Hence, you will also get access to all the Paramount-produced movies and shows to binge-watch!

Credits to Discord. You can also get Discord Nitro free with Xbox Gaming Pass.

Apart from this, you also get three months of free Discord Nitro, four months of free Spotify Premium, and two months of Hulu with no ads. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate right now!

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