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Garena Free Fire: 'How To Start A Fire' is out today; get Hayato for free right now!

Newsroom Apr 26, 2022
All About How To Start A Fire
From the 23rd of April, Free Fire Tales: The First Battle will take over.
Thrilling modes and events to look forward to in the next weeks

The first Free Fire Universe Animated Short, Garena Free Fire: How to Start a Fire, was released today. By signing in to the game today, players can also earn free Hayato characters. Here's what you need to understand.

How To Start A Fire, the inaugural Free Fire Universe Animated Short, was launched on Saturday, April 23, 2022. In a release, Garena Free Fire said, "Join Hayato on his trip across the Free Fire universe in the recent movie, How to Start a Fire, this April 23!" By signing in to Free Fire today, Garena Free Fire gamers can gain access to in-game goodies and free Hayato characters. Aside from that, players can check out the new Zombie Invasion mode on April 29, as well as the Shootersville web event on May 2.

With Free Fire Tales: The First Battle, the game's first campaign, in high gear, players and fans can look forward to the launch of the major movie, How to Start a Fire, as well as a slew of fascinating in-game actions and prizes on April 23, 2022, according to Free Fire. Here's everything you need to know:

All About How To Start A Fire

The primary movie, How to Start a Fire, will be released on April 23 for Free Fire players and fans to see. Players may get a first look at the Free Fire lore via the eyes of Hayato Yagami as he faces the first combat in the Free Fire world setting, thanks to spectacular visuals and thrilling storytelling.

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Hayato's journey in the universe of Free Fire is depicted in the film as he traverses through life in search of ways to settle his personal conflicts. Hayato is tasked with uncovering the truth behind a horrible family tragedy and fighting a rival section of the Horizon board in order to keep his job and safeguard the future of his family's firm.

From the 23rd of April, Free Fire Tales: The First Battle will take over.

With thrilling in-game activities, including parts of Free Fire Tales: The First Battle, Free Fire hopes to provide gamers with a realistic and connected experience.

On April 23, a new interface, as well as various themed prizes and in-game events, will be available in Free Fire. The debut of the new Sci-Turf terrain for the Lone Wolf play mode is also something to look forward to. Players can get a shattered katana and access the Hayato avatar for free when they check into the game on the same day, in addition to completing daily in-game quests for rewards.

To enter the "Beast Run!" gaming web event, players can earn tokens by accomplishing in-game quests. To earn more points, players must travel as far as possible through obstacles.

Thrilling modes and events to look forward to in the next weeks

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With the release of the Zombie Invasion mode on April 29, Free Fire gamers will face new enemies in Bermuda. Players will face five different types of zombies, compelling them to offer their all in order to be the last guy remaining.

On the same day as Free Fire, the new monopoly-style web event Shootersville would debut on Free Fire. Daily chores will be available for players to accomplish in order to earn tokens to help them create their community. More tokens will be generated when the village is upgraded, which can be redeemed for rare rewards or collectibles.

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