Gaming trends for 2023 you need to tune into. Picture: Esports

Gaming trends for 2023 you need to tune into. Picture: Esports

Gaming trends for 2023 you need to tune into

Community Nov 4, 2022

From new PC gaming platforms to cloud gaming to more women gamers on the scene, 2023 will be an epic year for the gaming industry.


  • This will benefit the growth of Esports and provide new opportunities for the gaming industry as a whole.
  • Although some gamers still choose and favour console and PC gaming, the former has emerged as a formidable competitor to the latter two platforms in recent years.

The gaming business is one of the few that is constantly changing. There are always new games, technologies, and trends that keep you on your toes whether you play on your phone, PC, PS4 Pro, or Xbox One S.

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The number of gamers is predicted to reach 3.07 billion by 2023, so there is little chance that this innovation will stop anytime soon. Let's look at the top 7 video game trends for 2023.

New PC Gaming Platforms

New PC Gaming Platforms. Picture: The Upcoming

Let's speak about PC gaming as the first topic on our list of gaming industry trends for 2023. Even though Steam has long been the preferred PC gaming platform, several newcomers to the scene have the potential to unseat Steam. Due to its enormous collection of recent releases and classic titles, the digital distribution network GOG is becoming more well-liked. Along with Origin, UPlay, and other platforms, Epic Games Store, the people behind Fortnite, is another to keep an eye on.

Another development to look out for is the online gaming hub Roblox, which has dramatically increased the number of independent games. For the uninitiated: Roblox was initially created as a platform for children to build their online games, but because of how simple and entertaining it was, it rapidly gained popularity among adults. Roblox can be the right platform for you whether you want to gather community input on an existing game or realise your goal of making your own game.

Cloud gaming services

Do you recall when you had to physically purchase a game from a retailer or download it from an infamously slow server? Or spend hundreds of dollars on upgrading your PC console? With thousands of games now accessible for real-time streaming, those days will be a thing of the past. Although cloud gaming isn't exactly a new gaming trend for 2023, it is improving year and enables end users to play without being hampered by their devices. To that, we'll say yes.

In 2023, you will undoubtedly hear of PlayStation Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna if you haven't already. Although cloud gaming may save you the trouble of losing a lot of cash on gaming gear, it still needs fast internet. Speaking of bandwidth, gamers who detest ping and latency will love our 100GB package, which costs only $35 per month.

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Exciting new games, plus some remakes and reboots

Many new games are coming out in 2023, covering every genre, from first-person shooters (FPS) to role-playing (RPG) to everything in between. Here are three of our favourites: a brand-new RPG with a space theme and other remakes and reboots we can't wait to play.

Starfield: The first role-playing game from Bethesda in over 25 years, Starfield sends players on an epic adventure across space to solve humanity's giant puzzle.

Street Fighter 6 will be available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC. It is the first entry in the Street Fighter series in seven years. There will be various gameplay options, such as World Tour, a compelling single-player narrative mode, and Battle Hub, which offers lots of player-to-player interaction.

A remake of Dead Space: In Dead Space's third-person survival horror game, you battle dangerous reanimated corpses. We may anticipate much-improved gameplay compared to the 2008 original, with entirely new graphics, characters, and settings.

Fitness gaming is an exciting new genre

Fitness gaming is an exciting new genre. Picture: Esports

Say goodbye to the notion that gaming is just for sedentary people. Now, games make you sweat, and everyone appears eager to get into fitness gaming. Not only may Esports become an Olympic sport (more on that later), but there are even games that make you work up a sweat. We concur! Fitness gaming, sometimes referred to as Active Video Games (AVG), has been around for a while (remember the Wii, anyone? Or maybe it's how Pokémon Go has us all pacing the streets?).

Since then, several less well-known but no less sweating fitness games, like the Peloton cycle with built-in gaming. Some to keep an eye on are our Ring Fit Adventure, which includes a flexible resistance hoop; Zombies, Run, which will make even non-runners want to put on their shoes; and Until You Fall, which will have you sweating with all its full-body routines.

Esports will expand to new heights

The 2022 Asian Games will formally introduce Esports, which may eventually lead to Esports being recognised as an Olympic sport. You may be shocked if you think seeing people play video games seems a little out of the Olympic fantasy.

Around 400 million people were Esports fans and infrequent "I'll have a lookers" in 2019. There was a significant increase in gaming, live broadcasting, and interaction with gaming influencers during COVID. The outcome is astounding; aficionados and occasional users are anticipated to reach 577 million. You read it correctly;

For the average player, this implies more chances to compete in Esports competitions at all levels and more chances to watch Esports. Additionally, new companies are likely to join the gaming industry as sponsors.

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More women in gaming and the growth of women-centric games

Think again if you believed that gaming was a sport for men. Women made up over 40% of gamers in the US in 2020, while they made up over 45% of gamers in Asia. Both numbers are rising. The increase in female gamers is due to various factors, including social ties, competitiveness, and challenge.

More women are playing games on consoles, and game creators are paying attention. There are several games available now that were created by women and are ideal for women (although anybody may play them, of course). Our favourites include Niche, Tomb Raider, and Child of Light (a vintage combat game) (Nintendo Switch).

Expansion of the metaverse and mobile gaming

The expansion of the metaverse and mobile gaming. Picture: VentureBeat

Even though you've likely heard the term "metaverse" a lot (due to Mark Zuckerberg's new Meta brand), you're not alone if you don't know precisely what it is. Even the experts disagree on whether the metaverse is an unending virtual reality realm, a 3D version of the internet, or a location where the real and virtual worlds converge. Whatever it is, it will be significant. The metaverse is similar to the period in the 1970s and 1980s when people attempted to understand the internet and what it would look like. Or at least it will be.

It is no surprise that the gaming sector is booming, and we anticipate that there will be many incentives to keep users connected to the metaverse that specific gaming corporations control. Mobile gaming will likely become even more popular since the metaverse is most likely mobile-first.

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