Credits to PR Newswire. Gamelancer is one of the most popular Gen Z gaming companies.

Gamelancer, one of the most popular gaming companies, is now publicly traded!

Newsroom Jul 12, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting to know the reason why Gamelancer has been publicly traded off all of a sudden.

Gamelancer is one of the most popular gaming companies right now.
They have a lot of new ventures lined up for the growth of their company.
Yet, why were they suddenly traded off publicly?

If you look at the gaming world around you, then you will be quite amazed at the rate at which things are developing around us. There are NFT games, Web3 games, and even games related to blockchain currencies and markets. In today’s news blog, we will be getting into some heartbreaking news about Gamelancer. If you have no idea what Gamelancer is, then there are a lot of things that we have to get into detail. This blog will help you to get into the new world of gaming, that you might have little idea about.

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What is a Gamelancer?

Credits to Gamelancer's Facebook. Gamelancer is one of the best gaming companies right now.

Gamelancer calls itself the gaming company in the market that ensures its users have the best experience. This means that they try to elevate the whole gaming experience and the members get the best experience throughout the time they spend on the app. Not only this, but they also claim to be the largest Gen Z Social Gaming Network. Their website is filled with all the trending gaming news, and articles that are sure to keep you interested for quite some time. They also have a platform for content creators, like releasing gaming videos and even streaming! This makes the website even more appealing to Gen Zs, who are more interested in video content than just blogs and news articles.

Why was Gamelancer traded?

Credits to Gambling Insider. Gambit and Gamelancer are one of the biggest collaborations. 

Now the most important question on the blog has to be: Why was Gamelancer traded? Well, there is no sad reason behind it. Gamelancer is a company that has a few branches and collaborations with tons of other companies and organisations, so it becomes difficult to manage alone independently. Hence, they need the resources and the mobility to realise their mission to the fullest. They already have their own digital media brand and communications brand. They are also collaborating with various major companies like TikTok to come up with new mobile games and such. However, when you branch out to so many different segments and have to handle all these tasks, the company tends to fall short of funds and resources. Hence, the Board of Directors has all concluded that it would be the best decision to trade off the company.

Will their content change after this step?

This is one of the major points that people are worried about, as Gamelancer has been publicly traded. Many companies have often gone down after they have been traded off. However, Gamelancer is quite confident that such a thing is going to happen to them. They are already planning their next venture, where they might collaborate with another gaming company. Hence, we hope that Gamelancer will manage to handle things well with the new trade-off, and also hold on to their main mission.

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