Future of E-sports and much more (Interview: Frolic×Lethal Esports)

Interview Jan 31, 2022

Bonjour Gamers!

We are back with another episode of Tournatalks. The continuous rise in the gaming industry has given a wide scope to a future in gaming. So, In the third episode of Tournatalks, we had an insightful discussion on FreeFire, eSports, the future in eSports and much more with our special guests, Mr Jay “Anarchy” Kapadia, Manager at Lethal eSports and Mr Nikhil Sinha, Chief Administrative Officer, Frolic eSports. They talked about their experience as organisers and how constantly the gaming industry is evolving. The session was hosted by Khushi on Sunday, January 23, 2022.

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With the increase in the number of gamers in India every coming day, we must know about the long term impacts of eSports and how it can help you make a career out of it. This session was special in so many ways for us. Mainly, because our guests are organisers on our ‘Tournafest’ app itself. Frolic eSports was founded in 2019 and Lethal eSports was founded in 2020. The main objective of both organisations is to give a boost to the eSports community of India and their journey has been wonderful till now. Here’s a brief of our conversation with them.

When Jay and Nikhil were asked to introduce Frolic and Lethal eSports from their perspective, this is how they described it.

Mr Nikhil, Frolic: “I’ve been an integral part of Frolick eSports since October 2019, but our main operations started in March 2020. We started online when players started coming in huge numbers because of the spike in the pandemic, I’d say it was the best time for us to kickstart our operations. We specialize in production, operations as well as marketing. You’d see most of our tournaments aiming at the grassroots level of eSports. We’ve developed a positive atmosphere for our players and many of them have become quite experienced and have made a name for themselves in the eSports community”.

Mr Jay, Lethal eSports: “We established Lethal eSports in 2020. Our main purpose was to give the underdog teams priority and recognition because the tournaments conducted these days are mostly giving opportunities to big players. We’ve done many tournaments in BGMI, FreeFire and COD. We also conduct scrims from time to time. We’ve given a wide range of tournaments in different games to our players and we hope to continue doing so in the coming times too.”

Since our live session was a little FreeFire centric, we asked our guests about the reasons behind how FreeFire has managed to retain its position right from the beginning. To which, they said,

Frolic: “One of the main reasons for this would be the ban on PUBG in 2020. We’ve seen a drastic increase in the audience of FreeFire since then. We haven’t seen a more dedicated player base for any other game in Indian players. Most of the people just follow the trend but FreeFire players have this urge to take this game somewhere and that is I guess one of the main reasons for FreeFire to be at that position”.

Lethal: “I would also agree with Frolic on this. The FreeFire community in India is huge and they are big supporters of eSport. You can witness this on the YouTube FreeFire live streams. The number of viewers is always very high. People love this game and that motivates the organisers too, to conduct more tournaments. So, the main reason that FreeFire has retained its position for so long is that they have a very supportive and wide community”.

We’ve seen that FreeFire has maintained its top position till now so we asked our guests about their views on the future of FreeFire in India and eSports in general.

They had interesting responses to this question.

Lethal added, “With this big a community, I believe that in future there’s a possibility that FreeFire will get investors from abroad too and once this pandemic situation gets better, maybe there will be land tournaments too”. According to Frolic, he believes that even though the competition is increasing and so many games are upcoming in the market, FreeFire has this stable base which he doesn’t see disrupting anytime soon. FreeFire has plans to expand and the community is getting too much exposure. So, he believes that we’ll see a lot of professional eSports players coming from FreeFire.

Many players are not doing that well in tournaments but they want to get better at it. We asked our organisers what their advice would be to such players.

Jay and Nikhil both had similar responses to this question. They said, “The most important thing that players need to focus on is dedication, commitment and teamwork. They have to maintain consistency. If you’re grinding for even 20 minutes a day, you’ll develop skills. But you need to be dedicated to your game. You should play not just for yourself but for the community too”. To which Frolic added, “That is what we try to entice in players through our tournaments too. As organisers, we want to motivate players to participate and play as a community so that they can grow both personally and professionally.”

There have been discussions that eSports will be getting entry into the Asian Games. There are also talks about whether eSports should be a part of the Olympics or not. We asked our guests about their take on this.

Lethal and Frolic agreed by saying, “Yes, I think eSports should get into Asian games. It’ll be a huge thing not just for players but for everyone. India will be represented on the international level in the field of eSports. One more thing is that this will help young players to get support from their parents too since it is the Asian games. At the end of the day, we all want to make something of ourselves. India has a lot of potential and if eSports make it to these international games, it’ll be a great opportunity”.

We asked our guests if there is any threat to eSports at the moment that is hindering its growth and not letting it expand at the pace it should.

To which both of them had the same response, “We can see that there are not enough teams when compared to the number of players in the community. The major reason for that is the lack of support from parents and family. Other than that, sometimes it’s financial factors that don’t let the players reach their full potential and it is also because of the lack of awareness. We’ve seen players who still do not know about discord, which is like the major platform where the entire community of gamers connect.”

Lethal and Frolic eSports have come a long way from where they started and to have them associated with Tournafest is a huge thing for us. Let’s know a little about how Tournafest has helped them as organisers and how our app has proved to be helpful to gamers.

Lethal: “The best part about Tournafest is that it’s an app. You just have to click the ‘join’ button and you can directly play in a tournament or a scrim. And most importantly, it’s about the support system. Tournafest’s support team is extremely helpful. It is very important to the players that their problems or queries are immediately answered by the team of Tournafest.”

Frolic: “Tournafest has been bringing in so many different tournaments from different organisers and the fact that you can register yourself with just a single click is a huge plus point. If you see on discord, you’ve to go into various servers and it’s a lot of work but Tournafest has made it really easy for players. It has built an entire community by bringing organisers together.”

This was a brief of our interactive session with Frolic and Lethal eSports. It was an informative session. Mr Nikhil and Mr Jay talked about eSports, its scope, FreeFire, the future of eSports, etc. If you’re a gamer or even an aspiring one, this blog is definitely for you. If you want to watch the whole live session, visit Tournafest’s official Instagram handle.

Until then, “Be Brave and Take Risks: You need to have faith in yourself.”