Credits to Blodborne Wiki. FromSoftware is the popular gaming company that is also the maker of Elden RIng.

FromSoftware, the makers have Elden Ring talk about a new game!

Newsroom Jun 25, 2022
The popular gaming company FromSoftware, which is the maker of Elden Ring is all set with another new game!
Though the new game is in its final stages of development, we have already come to know about the genre of the game.
There is a high chance the game will be released next year, after that.

If you enjoyed Elden Ring and are wondering if there will be a new game from FromSoftware anytime soon, you are in luck! In today’s news blog, we will get into the details of a new game in the "final stages" and what the game could be. This was quite a genuine shock to all of us, as we had come to know that a game was already in its final development. Usually, when a gaming company comes up with a game that reaches maximum popularity, they either take a break for some time or try to make the popular game better.

What to Expect from FromSoftware?

One of the most critical questions is: what type of game are they working on? Well, to put it simply, the game director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, who was also the game director for Elden Ring, had not revealed anything about the genre of the game. However, there have been quite some strong rumours supported by various screenshots that prove that the upcoming game could be again based on the magical fantastical genre. Another thing that we got as a dead giveaway during Miyasaki’s interview with the Japanese company, 4Gamer, was that he was talking about how there were plenty of ideas that could not be used in Elden Ring, for they did not fit well into the story or the project. They had put it on the clipboard then, to use it in other upcoming projects. Hence, there is a high chance that the ideas that were not used then, could be used now.

Credits to IGN India. Hidetaka Miyazaki, the gaming director of Elden Ring.

Another source through which we can confirm the fact is that after the release of Elden Ring, the company and even the director himself were more than excited to work on some more fantasy stuff. They seemed to want more after the creative challenge they faced in Elden Ring. Making that game had been an extremely satisfying project for them, and they wanted to work on some more to give the audience more and better games like their magnum opus.

When is the new game going to be released?

Another important question that you might have is when the new game is going to be released. Well, as much as we understood from Miyasaki, the game is still in the final stages of development. Back in 2018, he had talked about 3.5 games that were in development. One of them was Elden Ring. Another one was Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Déraciné. That left us then with another unannounced game, and we hope that this is the game that they are talking about.

Credits to The Indian Express. The new game could be heavily inspired by Elden Ring.

They have also not yet revealed the game’s name or what it is about. Also, if a game is in the final stage of development, it might still take quite some time to get launched to the public. There will be tons of changes after the game is completed, and a lot of bug fixes. Hence, we can estimate a year or so before the game is finally launched into the market.

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