Credits to Esportsgen. PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022 is soon to be held. 

From 2021 to 2022, the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) prize pool is drastically reduced!

Newsroom Jul 7, 2022

PUBG is known for its tournaments and championships, Tencent always makes sure to give the best tournaments and championships, and fans expect that every year, it will go above and beyond. However, in today’s blog, we have some sad news. Apparently, Tencent is reducing the prize pool for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC). This was quite a shock for PUBG fans, as the Global Championship is one of the most awaited tournaments and the reduction in prize pool would mean the quality of the Championship would degrade.

How much is Tencent reducing the prize pool for 2022?

Credits to Dot Esports. Last Year champions of PMGC 2021. 

This is one of the most important questions that everyone seems to be asking right now. By how much is Tencent going to reduce the prize pool for 2022’s Championship, and then 2021? In 2021, the prize pool was estimated to be around $6 million, and now for 2022, they have declared that the prize pool is going to be $4 million. Thereby it is a reduction of $2 million on average. This will affect a lot of the whole Championship, as the prize pool is one of the major reasons why most of the teams and players participate. Reducing the prize pool could also mean that either PUBG Esports is suffering from losses, or Tencent might not want to go ahead with increasing the prize pool for PUBG.

All About PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022.

Credits to Sportskeeda. PMGC 2022 Prize Pool.

Though there has not yet been an official announcement regarding the whole Championship of 2022, we know that the prize pool is being reduced. Another thing that we have got to know is that the event will be held sometime later in the year. The Regionals are already preparing to send their teams to the Championships. Tencent has already sent the invitation to some of the teams that are going to participate in the invitationals. However, what is more interesting is that the reduction in the prize pool would reduce the competition of teams who are willing to participate in the Championship by going through so many stages and not getting as much as expected. Many fans had expected that Tencent would at least try to keep the prize pool the same as before. However, this reduction could mean a lot of losses or something is seriously going on at Tencent and PUBG.

What is the Next PUBG Tournament to Look Forward to?

The next PUBG tournament that you can look forward to is the PMWI Week 1, which will be starting from August 11 to 13. You can make sure to catch them up before getting prepared for the Global Championship 2022.

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