Players experiencing something unique. Picture Courtesy: EVA

Players experiencing something unique. Picture Courtesy: EVA

French firm putting the sport into Esports?

Newsroom Aug 6, 2022

French firm putting the sport into Esport. Jokowi hopes to host the 2036 Olympics in the new capital Nusantara.


  • This is the latest attempt to bring an element of physical exercise to the world of competitive video games known as Esports.
  • The most successful game of this type is Hado, a dodgeball-style activity where players fling fireballs at each other in an attempt to prevail.

If you spend all day in front of a computer playing games, physical touch is impossible. To make it feasible, a French company is working.

Each player has a gun with them as they walk slowly and carefully while pursuing foes across hot deserts, scorching rainforests, or even on the surface of Mars. The participants move in vivid environments owing to virtual reality (VR) headgear. Still, the battlefield is a giant warehouse north of Paris; they can hear, see, and shoot their opponents. This is the most recent effort to include physical activity in Esports or professional video games.

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At the warehouse, the first of 14 arenas to open in France and Belgium, Jean Mariotte, the creator of EVA (Esports Virtual Arenas), told reporters that the "lack of true physical effort" is "one of the reasons why Esports are not regarded a legitimate sport."

The players move slowly and cautiously. Picture Courtesy: EVA

Hundreds of participants are often seated comfortably in large halls during Esports events while they compete in their favourite games for cash prizes and recognition. Mariotte aims to challenge that paradigm by combining free-roam virtual reality with physical activities.

Hado, a dodgeball-style game where participants aim fireballs at one another to win, is the most famous example of this genre.

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Hado and other video games are promoted by Ludovic Donati, whose firm is Volt Events. He said to see the landscape as it truly is, but additional effects are created on top. Hado is very popular in Japan, and its supporters are eager to spread it beyond. Hado and EVA both have limits and are currently in the experimental phases.

EVA's current game selection is only comprised of shoot-'em-ups with a specialised appeal. Even if the participants are sweating, it could be well-liked during "stag" parties or other group gatherings before weddings.

Players playing the game. Picture Courtesy: EVA

The directions are easy to follow, which is a plus. Before beginning, a teacher instructs the players to run simply is how they move. Hado is a simple exercise, whereas EVA could find a place in the leisure market. According to Donati, games are so fierce that they barely endure for 80 seconds. However, the motion sickness issue that has afflicted VR from the start seems to be resolved in both titles. Donati described the sensation of moving about in the virtual world while remaining still in the actual world as one out of two individuals couldn't handle it. He said that this was the reason why so many VR rooms of an earlier design had shut down.

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EVA and Hado's promoters see a more promising future for their goods by portraying them as developing sports rather than glorified video games. To adapt and encourage today's youth to participate in athletics, Donati said, they have to excite them with something that interests them a bit more. Hado already has teams and events set up in France, and EVA is looking to take advantage of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris by building 100 venues there. One EVA convert is Mathieu Lacrouts of the video game communications firm Hurrah, who told AFP that when he used it at a business event, the response was "unanimously good." Even people who don't often play video games, he said, were caught up in the game.

In contrast to other VR-sports crossover products like the fitness game FitXR or the dancing game Beat Saber, he said that EVA was ideally positioned since it was the type of experience that could not be replicated at home. But EVA CEO Mariotte acknowledges that to draw in additional participants; he will need to diversify. He has previously disclosed a five million euro commitment to creating a "non-shooter" experience.

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