Credits to Wikipedia. Free Fire will be going through a complete change the next month.

Free Fire is going through a massive Rebranding!

Newsroom Jun 25, 2022
We have got some news regarding some massive rebranding plans in Free Fire.
The developers have already revealed the new logo, and the fans are absolutely amazed at the new change.
There will be tons of other changes inside the game too!  

Free Fire has been rising up the charts for quite some time, until last year when it got global recognition. It seems that the Battle Royale game is now at quite a high point, and it will continue to rise. This has made the developers think that it is high time that they finally got to rebrand the whole game. Of course, they will not change the whole game altogether. In today’s news blog, we will be getting into how the developers are going to rebrand Free Fire, and what changes might be coming up.

What are the big changes coming up in Free Fire?

Let us address the most important question of the day: What are the big changes that the developers will be bringing to Free Fire for the rebranding campaign? Well, the first major change is the Free Fire logo. They are thinking about making a huge change to the logo, as any company usually does when they go through a rebranding campaign. However, the fans seem to be quite satisfied with the new logo. They were quite afraid that the fans might hate it. One of the developers revealed the secret as to why they did not face any backlash over the change. It was all based on the community’s opinion. They closely studied what their fans had to say about the whole Free Fire brand, and made the changes accordingly. Hence, the fans were not that disappointed with such a massive change.

Credits to GaminohPhone. This is the brand new logo of the game.

Another change that is going to take place is that they are thinking of introducing a brand new font to the game. They have really thought about branding the whole game and coming up with original ideas, and hence, even their font should be something extremely unique to them. Hence, the developers collaborated with the famous type designer Akira Kobayashi and came up with a brand new font family! They have even named the font family "Garena Free Fire" (or GFF). This will be quite interesting to see how it all blends into the game.

Credits to DaFont. This was the old font of the game.

They are also going to change the graphics of the game and even the set-up UI. That means there will be some massive changes to the game! They are aiming to go for something more realistic and better in the game. This would be quite a good change, as they want the gamers to have the best experience while they are playing the game.

When are the changes coming live?

We are quite sure that all these new changes have most definitely made you want to try them out as soon as possible. Though we do not have a fixed date where all the changes will come live at once, The developers have said that they will all take effect in July. As this is quite a lengthy process, and they want to try out certain aspects of the whole rebranding campaign and get feedback, they might be introducing all these changes bit by bit, so that they can make the necessary changes to small areas quickly. This will give the whole rebranding campaign a solid foundation too.

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